How To Buy & Transfer Land into In-Game Wallet

In this short video I explain how you can use the Hive Engine Wallet Exchange, and TribalDEX to purchase a PLOT of land and then transfer it into your game account so that you can collect the airdrop points associated with it. The video will also show you how you can SWAP any token that is a part of the Splinterlands ecosystem (SPS, DEC, SPT, etc).

There are only ever going to be 150,000 PLOTS of land in circulation. No more. Which is why this resource will surely increase in value over time.

Resources used within video:
Hive-Engine Wallet:
DEC/SPS/Hive Crypto Convertor:
Swap DEC/SPS/Hive tokens:
Send land PLOT to: steemmonsters in hive-engine wallet.

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