Acolytes of Helio is expanding! Accepting requests for our sister guild Disciples of Helio!


Hello Warriors of Praetoria!

We the @AcolytesofHelio are proud to announce an expansion of our guild with our sister guild, Disciples of Helio.

As the name states, this is not just a secondary guild filled with bots like we see so often in this game. No In fact we are building a human base layer DAO and you can be a "cog" in this machinery. A cog? Yes! We are all cogs in this human DAO.

What you need to be an Disciple of Helio member?

We just ask that you be active in the guild and somewhat in discord. We ask that you be a gamer from your heart, with a good heart. We ask you to fight and enjoy the brawls and do quests as much as time allows. Of course there is such thing as real life and family and all this stuff has priority we know that, Just communicate and let us know if you are not able to play!

Contributions are not obligatory but all of us do give our contributions towards the guild buildings. Again it is not about how much it is about the fact of contributing towards our collective success! The guild as a while grows when you contribute, you grow when you earn more DEC, and we all grow because you grow because the guild grows. If you need a suggestion, perhaps you donate a few wins every day or so towards our hall.

You can get to know us with our first couple introduction posts here, read about our members, and decide if you think you'd fit with our guild:

acolytes mosh1.gif

We are not demanding powerbrokers with massive power levels and a big bag of DEC! We are more seeking active players who want to build and flourish together with all of the Disciples/Acolytes of Helio.

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