# Getting Comfortable in Champion I - Splinter Stats Season 52 Report Card


I've once again had a pretty good season in Splinterlands with a just in time finish in Champion I. I'm still pretty low on time as my new found enjoyment of going outside (and staying there) is still unbroken even after more than a month. I've nevertheless managed to do my daily quests with only one exception and I'm hopeful that I will be able to keep up that pace for the foreseeable future.

Next month could very well turn out to be the best month for Splinterlands yet. The new rental system is going live next week and I'll do an article about why this is (yet) another game changer for the ecosystem. SPS will also start to get airdropped to us and it seems like I'm going to get quite a good amount of these daily. Even if they just hold their value at the 1.8 cent that they were sold at in the private sale I'd make a decent amount of money every day. Now just imagine what would happen if we do get that Binance listing and things go really wild. SPS could very well peak north of 1$ in the wake of the initial FOMO. Personally, I don't intend to sell any SPS any time soon but at these numbers I'm really not sure what I'd do. But let's not get ahead of ourselves. For now, I'll just enjoy my daily dose of Splinterlands and keep accumulating as many ingame assets as I can.

Match Report


Champion Rank35
Rating4701 - Champion I
Rating High4701
Total Rating Movements (+-)7721
Ranked Ratio (Win/Loss+Draw)1.48 (220/144/5)
Tournament Ratio (Win/Loss+Draw)0.35 (76/216/1)
Tournament Reward Placements2/14
Longest Streak10
Highest Rated Win vs@shoemanchu (4736)

As you can see from my final rating, I stopped right away after pushing back into Champion I. As I did last season, I climbed for almost 500 rating on the last day and once I hit Champion I I really didn't feel like doing any more matches. I would have needed 25 more rating points to get into the top 25 (and thus earn 40,000 DEC) which would have very well been possible. Maybe if I manage to push to Champion I a day earlier next time I could aim for that.

Anyway, my Ranked Ratio is a bit worse than the last two seasons as I was stuck with quests I did not like several times and admittedly brute forced my way through several of them. 1.48 is still pretty good and I'm quite happy with the way things are going at the moment. I'm quite confident that I should be able to get back to Champion I every single season as long as I find the time to play during the last few days.

Top 10 Summoner Usage

SummonerFrequencyTeams FieldedWin Rate
Yodin Zaku14634.60%61.64%
Scarred Llama Mage9722.99%57.73%
Owster Rotwell4711.14%59.57%
Lorna Shine296.87%58.62%
Mylor Crowling194.50%73.68%
Camila Sungazer163.79%31.25%
Zintar Mortalis122.84%75.00%
Daria Dragonscale102.37%50.00%
Selenia Sky92.13%55.56%

I really like that sight - my top 6 champions all have a higher than 50% win rate with Yodin Zaku still (obviously) being used the most but Mylor Crowling being my most successful by far. It's especially cool to see Lorna Shine at 58% as I did struggle with Life quite a bit but I feel like I've gotten better at picking my fights there, going for Life less overall but using it as first priority in certain situations.

My win rate with Mylor Crowling has increased by 5% from an already good 68% and that's also thanks to me using him less often. The more champions I have to my disposal the harder it gets to pick the right one for the right situation but also the more rewarding it gets to actually make the right decision there. Camila Sungazer is my newest acquisition and it shows. As with all new summoners I'm still learning when to use her and my win rate can only go up from that abysmal 31.25%. To be fair though, I've been using her several times when I tried to brute force my daily quest and really should have gone with another, better suited champion.

Top 100 Monster Usage

MonsterFrequencyTeams FieldedWin Rate
Spark Pixies13131.04%58.78%
Tower Griffin10123.93%61.39%
Furious Chicken9121.56%58.24%
Khmer Princess7016.59%57.14%
Goblin Fireballer6715.88%64.18%
Serpentine Spy5913.98%62.71%
Wood Nymph5913.98%54.24%
Flame Monkey5813.74%60.34%
Serpentine Soldier5513.03%69.09%
Spirit Miner5212.32%61.54%
Imp Bowman5112.09%56.86%
Failed Summoner4711.14%70.21%
Elven Mystic4410.43%45.45%
Death Elemental358.29%51.43%
Gelatinous Cube348.06%52.94%
Halfling Alchemist348.06%52.94%
Screeching Vulture348.06%52.94%
Shadowy Presence327.58%78.13%
Skeleton Assassin327.58%62.50%
Sand Worm307.11%46.67%
Undead Priest307.11%66.67%
Fire Elemental296.87%58.62%
Feral Spirit276.40%48.15%
Lord of Darkness266.16%50.00%
Fire Beetle245.69%62.50%
Darkest Mage235.45%69.57%
Flesh Golem235.45%43.48%
Silvershield Assassin225.21%50.00%
Phantom Soldier225.21%45.45%
Living Lava225.21%90.91%
Creeping Ooze214.98%57.14%
Flame Imp194.50%63.16%
Cursed Slimeball194.50%68.42%
Orc Sergeant184.27%72.22%
Angel of Light174.03%47.06%
Mushroom Seer174.03%41.18%
Ettin Spearman174.03%70.59%
Peaceful Giant163.79%62.50%
Dragon Jumper153.55%46.67%
Haunted Spirit143.32%64.29%
Earth Elemental133.08%53.85%
Elemental Phoenix122.84%50.00%
War Chaang122.84%91.67%
Silvershield Bard112.61%45.45%
Haunted Spider112.61%63.64%
Undead Badger102.37%70.00%
Twisted Jester102.37%70.00%
Goblin Shaman92.13%77.78%
High Priest Darius92.13%22.22%
Giant Roc81.90%75.00%
Kobold Miner81.90%25.00%
Goblin Sorcerer71.66%42.86%
Enchanted Defender71.66%71.43%
Nectar Queen71.66%57.14%
Crystal Jaguar71.66%28.57%
Exploding Dwarf61.42%66.67%
Divine Healer61.42%33.33%
Chain Golem61.42%66.67%
Lord Arianthus61.42%50.00%
Lone Boatman61.42%66.67%
Diamond Dragon51.18%40.00%
The Vigilator51.18%60.00%
Horny Toad40.95%25.00%
Cave Slug40.95%75.00%
Ant Miners40.95%75.00%
Undead Archer40.95%50.00%
Spirit Druid Grog40.95%50.00%
Warrior of Peace30.71%66.67%
Robo-Dragon Knight30.71%33.33%
Baby Unicorn30.71%66.67%
Animated Corpse30.71%33.33%
Kron the Undying30.71%33.33%
Unicorn Mustang30.71%33.33%
Goblin Chariot30.71%100.00%
Dark Enchantress30.71%66.67%
Battering Ram20.47%100.00%
Theorosa Nightshade20.47%100.00%
Child of the Forest20.47%50.00%
Silvershield Sheriff20.47%0.00%
Goblin Thief20.47%100.00%

The furious chicken has lost two slots and is now only my 4th most used monster. Spark Pixies and 31.04% is just crazy if you consider that I've only fielded fire summoners 40% of my matches. The card is almost an auto include for any given line up by now. Other than that, no real surprises on that list, Tower Griffin and Hydra are just all around awesome cards and deserve to be where they are.

Win Rate by Ruleset

RulesetFrequencyWin Rate
Noxious Fumes4755.32%
Close Range4257.14%
Reverse Speed3863.16%
Heavy Hitters3844.74%
Healed Out3644.44%
Spreading Fury3638.89%
Fog of War3354.55%
Holy Protection2948.28%
Broken Arrows2748.15%
Armored Up2755.56%
Even Stevens2751.85%
Equal Opportunity2759.26%
Taking Sides2653.85%
Back to Basics2653.85%
Explosive Weaponry2564.00%
Super Sneak2437.50%
Rise of the Commons2240.91%
Little League2245.45%
Weak Magic2254.55%
Odd Ones Out2147.62%
Lost Legendaries2147.62%
Target Practice2060.00%
Silenced Summoners2050.00%
Keep Your Distance1947.37%
Lost Magic1861.11%
Up Close & Personal1566.67%
Melee Mayhem1338.46%
Aim True1241.67%

No real standouts for the rulesets either, well other than that I obviously suck really hard at Standard. A solid 0% win rate right there... Jokes aside, there are some rulesets that I should take a look at like Heavy Hitters or Spreading Fury. I'll focus on these rulesets and try to come up with better strategies next season. To tell the truth, though, while I was brute forcing my quest I might have ignored the rulesets a bit more than I'm willing to admit so it's an obvious result to see the more strategy heavy rulesets be a bit worse than they have been.

Tournaments Report


TournamentLeagueEditionsPlacement/#entrantsRatio (Win/Loss+Draw)Prize
DIAMONDS TO THE VICTORDiamondOpen31/1131.10 (11/10/0)1900 DEC
ALL THE POINTY THINGSGoldOpen27/2082.67 (16/6/0)1200 DEC



Ya we don't talk about tournaments here. I'm not back in the rhythm there and who knows how long it will take me to change that... Some day I'll be back in force there as well...

Rewards Report

Standard Foil Cards
Total Standard1182380
Gold Foil Cards
Total Gold21000

Loot Chests

Reward ChestsDailiesSeasonTotal💲DEC💲
Legendary Potions3128592360
Alchemy Potions2924532650
UNTAMED Packs0000
Cards (Total)73471203380

Captured DEC (Ranked Rewards)

Ranked Play WinsDEC Earned

Total Ranked Play Rewards

Total Ranked Play Earnings
33190 DEC

33190 DEC is pretty bad for me as I already had 40k+ several times but it's close to what I had last season so all is good. Rewards are still really nice for day-to-day play and with the value of everything going up things are only getting better.

And that's all from me for today. Not making any promises but I do plan to get back into regular blogging this weekend. Let's see how things go, I'm eager to resume blogging, though, and I already have several topics planned. Anyway, thank you all for reading and see you next time!

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