# Starting to write again and testing the SplinterStats - Season Report Card. Cool app!!! - Splinter Stats Season 54 Report Card

This post is to start writing again and also to test the SplinterStats - Season Report Card application.

As I was saying, it is a post to break the ice and start writing again. For almost a month and a half, for personal reasons, I have not been able to dedicate time to write. But now I am a little more free and I can start to do it again.

I also stopped doing my "Just Write" contest and it will be on stand-by for now. Who knows if I will take it up again in the future.

And well, with all these new things that have happened around the Splinterlands game lately I have decided to dedicate the post to the game. Now, with the SPS airdrop, the rent of cards and the increase in the price of the DEC token as well as the cards themselves has become quite a lucrative game. I started playing at the beginning of it and most of my cards are Alpha version. I had periods in which I stopped playing but I always came back to play at some point and for a few months I have been doing it almost every day.

And as I had said in the title, with this post I am going to test the SplinterStats - Season Report Card application. This is an application that allows you to collect and post data related to the Splinterlands game. To learn more about the application here I leave the link to its introduction post.

The report card is a free, once each season tool, which provides players a template to reflect on and share their Ranked Performance, overall card usage statistics and a summary of their rewards for the season. The report is under incremental development, so expect some things to change or look different each season when you come back to produce your report.

Match Report


Gold Rank161
Rating2717 - Gold I
Rating High2717
Total Rating Movements (+-)2953
Ranked Ratio (Win/Loss+Draw)4.29 (90/20/1)
Tournament Ratio (Win/Loss+Draw)0.57 (8/12/2)
Tournament Reward Placements1/1
Longest Streak16
Highest Rated Win vs@imperfect-one (4201)

Top 10 Summoner Usage

SummonerFrequencyTeams FieldedWin Rate
Alric Stormbringer4136.28%85.37%
Lyanna Natura2824.78%75.00%
Zintar Mortalis1412.39%78.57%
Selenia Sky1311.50%61.54%
Tyrus Paladium76.19%71.43%
Malric Inferno65.31%83.33%
Daria Dragonscale43.54%75.00%

As you can see in this section and the next, I am a fan of the Water element cards.

My Alric Stormbringer is a level 5 Alpha card. He gives +1 to Magic attacks and there are many of those cards in the Water element.

Top 100 Monster Usage

MonsterFrequencyTeams FieldedWin Rate
Spirit Miner6557.52%83.08%
Dwarven Wizard6456.64%81.25%
Furious Chicken5750.44%77.19%
Spineback Turtle2925.66%75.86%
Ruler of the Seas2320.35%86.96%
Magi of the Forest2017.70%80.00%
Prismatic Energy1815.93%88.89%
Mischievous Mermaid1614.16%87.50%
Stonesplitter Orc1513.27%86.67%
Pirate Archer1412.39%78.57%
Phantom of the Abyss1210.62%91.67%
Creeping Ooze1210.62%75.00%
Phantom Soldier1210.62%83.33%
Earth Elemental1210.62%58.33%
Swamp Thing119.73%63.64%
The Kraken119.73%90.91%
Nectar Queen87.08%100.00%
Screaming Banshee87.08%75.00%
Lord of Darkness87.08%87.50%
Stone Golem87.08%75.00%
Highland Archer76.19%85.71%
Javelin Thrower76.19%100.00%
Mushroom Seer76.19%100.00%
Sea Genie76.19%100.00%
Dark Enchantress76.19%85.71%
Fire Demon76.19%85.71%
Haunted Spirit65.31%83.33%
Lord Arianthus65.31%66.67%
Spirit of the Forest65.31%66.67%
Serpent of the Flame65.31%83.33%
Darkest Mage54.42%100.00%
Halfling Alchemist54.42%80.00%
Defender of Truth54.42%60.00%
Silvershield Paladin43.54%50.00%
Silvershield Sheriff43.54%50.00%
Enchanted Pixie43.54%50.00%
Torhilo the Frozen43.54%100.00%
Twisted Jester43.54%75.00%
Magi Sphinx32.65%100.00%
Corrupted Pegasus32.65%66.67%
Grim Reaper32.65%66.67%
Robo-Dragon Knight32.65%33.33%
Elemental Phoenix32.65%100.00%
Goblin Mech32.65%100.00%
Barking Spider32.65%100.00%
Cursed Slimeball21.77%100.00%
Water Elemental21.77%100.00%
Fire Spitter21.77%50.00%
Undead Priest21.77%50.00%
Goblin Sorcerer21.77%0.00%
Minotaur Warrior21.77%50.00%
Lord of Fire21.77%100.00%
Imp Bowman21.77%100.00%
Flame Monkey21.77%100.00%
Silvershield Bard21.77%50.00%
Coral Wraith21.77%100.00%
Divine Healer10.88%100.00%
Silvershield Warrior10.88%100.00%
Fallen Specter10.88%100.00%
Azmare Harpoonist10.88%100.00%
Serpentine Mystic10.88%0.00%
Haunted Spider10.88%0.00%
Kobold Miner10.88%0.00%
Animated Corpse10.88%100.00%
Pirate Captain10.88%0.00%
Clay Golem10.88%100.00%
Silvershield Knight10.88%100.00%
Ettin Spearman10.88%100.00%
Divine Sorceress10.88%100.00%
Giant Squid10.88%100.00%
Chromatic Dragon10.88%100.00%
Molten Ogre10.88%100.00%
Gold Dragon10.88%0.00%
Air Elemental10.88%0.00%
Ice Pixie10.88%100.00%
Khmer Princess10.88%100.00%
Goblin Chariot10.88%100.00%
Spirit Shaman10.88%100.00%
Flesh Golem10.88%100.00%
Shadowy Presence10.88%100.00%

I use a lot those cards that have magic attack because I have some very good ones and because I also like how they look. I really like the fireballs they throw(Magic attack) in the battle animations.

And of course, I also use a lot the Furious Chicken ... Who does not like to have an angry chicken in his army???

Win Rate by Ruleset

RulesetFrequencyWin Rate
Explosive Weaponry1172.73%
Heavy Hitters1050.00%
Noxious Fumes977.78%
Aim True977.78%
Lost Legendaries8100.00%
Broken Arrows875.00%
Close Range850.00%
Melee Mayhem771.43%
Rise of the Commons7100.00%
Target Practice771.43%
Reverse Speed771.43%
Equal Opportunity7100.00%
Armored Up633.33%
Holy Protection683.33%
Healed Out683.33%
Spreading Fury6100.00%
Even Stevens683.33%
Fog of War560.00%
Lost Magic560.00%
Back to Basics560.00%
Silenced Summoners4100.00%
Super Sneak450.00%
Odd Ones Out475.00%
Little League450.00%
Up Close & Personal366.67%
Taking Sides250.00%
Keep Your Distance1100.00%
Weak Magic10.00%

Tournaments Report


TournamentLeagueEditionsPlacement/#entrantsRatio (Win/Loss+Draw)Prize
GOLD A-GAMEGoldA30/480.57 (4/6/1)400 DEC



I have only participated in one tournament this season. My idea is to participate a little more in the future but we'll see.

Rewards Report

Standard Foil Cards
Total Standard25340
Gold Foil Cards
Total Gold00

Loot Chests

Reward ChestsDailiesSeasonTotal💲DEC💲
Legendary Potions7613520
Alchemy Potions718400
UNTAMED Packs0000
Cards (Total)131225340

Captured DEC (Ranked Rewards)

Ranked Play WinsDEC Earned

Total Ranked Play Rewards

Total Ranked Play Earnings
8424 DEC

I've only gotten standard or rare cards so far. I imagine that you have to be more consistent with the game in order to have a better chance of getting better cards.

Rental Report

TypeDEC (fees)
Revenue1233.200 (61.661)

To rent some of my cards I started just this week and I have already passed the 1000 DECs of profit. Nothing bad! And that by renting only 8 cards.

I'm thinking of renting some of my other cards but I also like to play ... I don't want to see myself in the situation of losing games because I don't have some of my cards.

We'll see, for now this income mechanism is going quite well.

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