# May of 2018 - Splinter Stats Season 54 Report Card



As I was looking at my profile and claiming my SPS, I remembered that I have been playing and investing in this game pretty much since it began. May of 2018. I would love to see some screenshots below of other people and their start dates. This game is something else and you are all a part of history, when did you join the war?

Match Report


Champion Rank119
Rating4208 - Champion II
Rating High4208
Total Rating Movements (+-)5134
Ranked Ratio (Win/Loss+Draw)1.12 (130/116/0)
Tournament Ratio (Win/Loss+Draw)0.59 (54/91/0)
Tournament Reward Placements1/5
Longest Streak12
Highest Rated Win vs@themightyvolcano (4512)

I was looking at this and curious what the 'Total Rating Movements' means. Is that how many points I moved (up and down) combined throughout the ranks for the season? I did have a positive record, so that has been consistent through all my seasons. (go me)

Top 10 Summoner Usage

SummonerFrequencyTeams FieldedWin Rate
Byzantine Kitty4014.23%60.00%
Selenia Sky3412.10%47.06%
Yodin Zaku3111.03%51.61%
Scarred Llama Mage248.54%58.33%
Jarlax the Undead238.19%60.87%
Crypt Mancer134.63%61.54%
Mimosa Nightshade134.63%53.85%
Daria Dragonscale134.63%61.54%
Plado Emberstorm124.27%50.00%
Zintar Mortalis93.20%22.22%

I had a lot of 'Dragon' quests this season. I'm not complaining, but that is why you see them being used so much this time. Love the dragons, they're my pets. I am even the Dragon Queen's father.

Top 100 Monster Usage

MonsterFrequencyTeams FieldedWin Rate
Furious Chicken8730.96%51.72%
Shadowy Presence4616.37%58.70%
Lord of Darkness4516.01%66.67%
Creeping Ooze4415.66%56.82%
Halfling Alchemist3713.17%48.65%
Spark Pixies3713.17%51.35%
Gelatinous Cube3211.39%40.63%
Skeleton Assassin289.96%42.86%
Theorosa Nightshade289.96%53.57%
Flesh Golem289.96%42.86%
Beetle Queen258.90%48.00%
Lord Arianthus258.90%64.00%
Death Elemental248.54%54.17%
Ancient Lich238.19%52.17%
Enchanted Pixie196.76%57.89%
Scale Doctor186.41%61.11%
Fallen Specter186.41%55.56%
Corrupted Pegasus186.41%61.11%
Mermaid Healer186.41%50.00%
Haunted Spirit155.34%33.33%
Prismatic Energy155.34%53.33%
Zalran Efreet155.34%40.00%
Screeching Vulture155.34%66.67%
Phantom Soldier155.34%66.67%
Crustacean King155.34%40.00%
Pit Ogre144.98%57.14%
Almo Cambio144.98%57.14%
Fire Beetle134.63%76.92%
Gloridax Guardian134.63%69.23%
Dark Ha'on134.63%69.23%
Spirit of the Forest134.63%69.23%
Fire Demon124.27%58.33%
Spineback Turtle124.27%66.67%
Undead Priest113.91%54.55%
Silvershield Paladin113.91%54.55%
Pirate Captain113.91%63.64%
Kobold Miner113.91%63.64%
Haunted Spider113.91%36.36%
Kron the Undying103.56%50.00%
Goblin Shaman103.56%70.00%
Silvershield Bard103.56%30.00%
Angel of Light103.56%50.00%
War Chaang103.56%40.00%
Failed Summoner93.20%22.22%
Chain Golem93.20%66.67%
Flame Imp93.20%88.89%
Gold Dragon93.20%77.78%
Pirate Archer93.20%55.56%
Undead Archer93.20%33.33%
The Vigilator82.85%87.50%
Swamp Thing82.85%25.00%
Sabre Shark82.85%37.50%
Oaken Behemoth82.85%50.00%
Kelp Initiate82.85%62.50%
Earth Elemental82.85%62.50%
Dragon Jumper72.49%100.00%
Twisted Jester72.49%28.57%
Exploding Dwarf72.49%71.43%
Spirit Miner72.49%42.86%
Robo-Dragon Knight72.49%57.14%
Ferexia General72.49%14.29%
Animated Corpse72.49%28.57%
Silvershield Assassin72.49%28.57%
Lord of Fire72.49%42.86%
Goblin Sorcerer72.49%57.14%
Ruler of the Seas62.14%83.33%
Tower Griffin62.14%33.33%
Parasitic Growth62.14%0.00%
Defender of Truth62.14%50.00%
Centauri Mage62.14%66.67%
Lightning Dragon62.14%50.00%
Serpent of the Flame62.14%50.00%
Serpentine Soldier62.14%50.00%
Divine Healer62.14%50.00%
Sand Worm62.14%50.00%
Screaming Banshee62.14%16.67%
Stone Golem62.14%66.67%
Torhilo the Frozen62.14%50.00%
Naga Windmaster62.14%33.33%
Tortisian Chief62.14%66.67%
Elven Mystic51.78%80.00%
Bila the Radiant51.78%20.00%
Frost Giant51.78%80.00%
Feasting Seaweed51.78%60.00%
Red Dragon51.78%60.00%
Crystal Werewolf51.78%20.00%
Naga Warrior51.78%60.00%
Ant Miners51.78%40.00%

Outside of that crazy little chicken, the coupling of L-O-D and the Shadows made a good combo in any mana set. I am death. Hear me RAWR!

Win Rate by Ruleset

RulesetFrequencyWin Rate
Reverse Speed3246.88%
Noxious Fumes2853.57%
Close Range2740.74%
Spreading Fury2748.15%
Healed Out2653.85%
Explosive Weaponry2540.00%
Heavy Hitters2450.00%
Holy Protection2055.00%
Little League1936.84%
Melee Mayhem1984.21%
Armored Up1735.29%
Keep Your Distance1643.75%
Rise of the Commons1631.25%
Broken Arrows1566.67%
Weak Magic1526.67%
Lost Legendaries1533.33%
Silenced Summoners1457.14%
Target Practice1233.33%
Aim True1250.00%
Up Close & Personal1154.55%
Even Stevens1163.64%
Lost Magic1136.36%
Taking Sides1050.00%
Equal Opportunity1070.00%
Back to Basics1060.00%
Odd Ones Out966.67%
Super Sneak966.67%
Fog of War966.67%

Looks like I dominated the Melee Mayhem. Why? Because Bruce Lee showed me how to play. He doesn't use magic. He sure as hell doesn't use a bow and arrow. I mean, Green Arrow bows down to Bruce and tells Chuck Norris to eat a dick.

Tournaments Report


TournamentLeagueEditionsPlacement/#entrantsRatio (Win/Loss+Draw)Prize
ALL THE POINTY THINGSGoldOpen42/2231.63 (13/8/0)450 DEC



I could have done much better with these, I did that thing where I forgot to play after I entered them. That is the main thing, making the time to play this game. I imagine if I played more, I would be in Champion 1. But, I did win a little bit!

Rewards Report

Standard Foil Cards
Total Standard952220
Gold Foil Cards
Total Gold21000

Loot Chests

Reward ChestsDailiesSeasonTotal💲DEC💲
Legendary Potions3117481920
Alchemy Potions2018381900
UNTAMED Packs0000
Cards (Total)5245973220

Captured DEC (Ranked Rewards)

Ranked Play WinsDEC Earned

Total Ranked Play Rewards

Total Ranked Play Earnings
30001 DEC

I was not pleased here, only 2 gold foils total and not a single legendary. I'm sure I'm not the only one out here that is still screaming - make the potions worth something! I get way too many of those and they have no value. I can't even send them to anyone, which would at least be something. If they weren't dropped so often, I bet they would be more prized.

All in all, there isn't any other game out there that 'pays you back' like this one. Sure I love to hate the fucking thing, and it gets frustrating, but it also very satisfying to beat certain players, win things and now? We have ownership in this bitch! I have invested in all the kickstarters and have been here forever. I also now have a small stack of SPS staked and am excited to see how that starts working for us tomorrow. Game on my humans.


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