Splinterlands Saturday

Splinterlands is the place to be right now, even if you are a poor player like me - at least I've got a maxed Hydra and Llama though!

By default, 10% of the rewards from this post (using this site) go to @kiokizz to fund future developments.

Thanks to @revisesociology for the example battle highlighting the might of the above combination: https://splinterlands.com/?p=battle&id=a377de6cd08bad5af9114d3338755552e093896a&ref=revisesociology

Last month these cards were less than < $1000 for both, maxed. Today it will cost you over $2700, but that could still end up cheap going forward. I suspect you can reach Diamond 1 or even Champion 3 with just these cards, and that is going to mean plenty of DEC rolling in.

Play too much though and this will happen - the equivalent of going on a mad voting spree and burning all your voting mana.

My excuse is that it is rather hot outside and hiding in front a fan, with a can, makes sense to me.

Honest, playing extra games has nothing to do with....



Over the last couple of months I've bought a fair number of packs and cards, and got quite involved with the final couple of weeks of Untamed sales. 2/3rd of the packs I opened, but I have 700 or so UNTAMED ready for sale at a later date. 15/20$ a pack at some point? I wouldn't bet against it.

17th February 2021

Today (24th July 2021)

I'm sure it's not just me looking at value of their deck in amazement. With unopened packs and a bit of land, my Splinterlands assets could soon surpass the value of my Hive staked - 155k and steadily rising.

Shoutout to @teampossible guild members. Thank you @beeyou, @davemccoy, and others who have spent a lot of time and effort ensuring the guild remains competitive and up to date with events.

Thanks also to @yabapmatt and team for Splinterlands, I'm looking forward to what is next.

Match Report


Champion Rank135
Rating4053 - Champion III
Rating High4171
Total Rating Movements (+-)7917
Ranked Ratio (Win/Loss+Draw)0.89 (198/222/1)
Longest Streak10
Highest Rated Win vs@bji1203 (4706)

Not seen Champion level for a while, it seems that buying a shitload of cards was the answer!

Top 10 Summoner Usage

SummonerFrequencyTeams FieldedWin Rate
Scarred Llama Mage17644.11%50.57%
Daria Dragonscale9624.06%38.54%
Alric Stormbringer5112.78%49.02%
Malric Inferno379.27%56.76%
Selenia Sky235.76%52.17%
Lyanna Natura82.01%75.00%
Mimosa Nightshade61.50%16.67%
Xander Foxwood10.25%0.00%
Mother Khala10.25%0.00%

Llama all the way, although I've recently hired Zaku because I was getting my ass handed to me by this summoner - we'll see how he's done in a week or so's time.

Top 100 Monster Usage

MonsterFrequencyTeams FieldedWin Rate
Flesh Golem12230.58%45.90%
Furious Chicken11929.82%54.62%
Screeching Vulture11829.57%52.54%
Parasitic Growth7318.30%47.95%
Khmer Princess6516.29%46.15%
Creeping Ooze4912.28%44.90%
Sand Worm4812.03%39.58%
Failed Summoner4611.53%60.87%
Kron the Undying4511.28%42.22%
Pirate Captain4310.78%39.53%
Kelp Initiate4010.03%52.50%
Lord Arianthus389.52%34.21%
Crustacean King379.27%35.14%
Dragon Jumper358.77%28.57%
Nectar Queen348.52%50.00%
Sea Monster338.27%24.24%
Flame Monkey328.02%59.38%
Serpent of the Flame297.27%58.62%
Fineas Rage287.02%42.86%
Unicorn Mustang276.77%40.74%
Earth Elemental276.77%48.15%
Feasting Seaweed266.52%30.77%
Gelatinous Cube246.02%37.50%
The Kraken225.51%31.82%
Kobold Miner215.26%61.90%
Wave Runner215.26%23.81%
Spineback Turtle205.01%55.00%
Goblin Thief205.01%60.00%
Gold Dragon194.76%21.05%
Ruler of the Seas174.26%47.06%
Tortisian Chief174.26%29.41%
Sabre Shark164.01%50.00%
Ice Pixie153.76%60.00%
Pirate Archer143.51%42.86%
Spark Pixies133.26%61.54%
Fire Spitter123.01%58.33%
Prismatic Energy112.76%27.27%
Javelin Thrower112.76%72.73%
Serpentine Spy112.76%72.73%
Dwarven Wizard112.76%36.36%
Phantom of the Abyss102.51%40.00%
Gloridax Soldier102.51%30.00%
Fire Beetle102.51%50.00%
Battle Orca102.51%40.00%
Mischievous Mermaid92.26%55.56%
Elven Cutthroat92.26%33.33%
Mushroom Seer92.26%66.67%
Peaceful Giant92.26%66.67%
Ferexia General92.26%77.78%
Goblin Mech92.26%11.11%
War Chaang82.01%62.50%
Gloridax Guardian82.01%50.00%
Imp Bowman71.75%28.57%
The Vigilator71.75%57.14%
Captain's Ghost61.50%33.33%
Beetle Queen61.50%66.67%
Sea Genie61.50%66.67%
Battering Ram61.50%33.33%
Mitica Headhunter51.25%40.00%
Highland Archer51.25%60.00%
Ettin Spearman51.25%40.00%
Coral Wraith41.00%50.00%
Diamond Dragon41.00%0.00%
Lightning Dragon30.75%33.33%
Swamp Thing30.75%33.33%
Robo-Dragon Knight30.75%33.33%
Stonesplitter Orc30.75%66.67%
Water Elemental30.75%0.00%
Exploding Dwarf20.50%100.00%
Goblin Sorcerer20.50%50.00%
Wood Nymph20.50%50.00%
Screaming Banshee20.50%50.00%
Cursed Slimeball20.50%0.00%
Silvershield Bard20.50%0.00%
Sniping Narwhal20.50%0.00%
Demented Shark20.50%0.00%
Fire Elemental10.25%0.00%
Living Lava10.25%0.00%
Goblin Dartling10.25%0.00%
Spirit Shaman10.25%0.00%
Serpent of Eld10.25%0.00%
Ant Miners10.25%100.00%
Goblin Shaman10.25%0.00%
Molten Ogre10.25%0.00%
Goblin Chef10.25%100.00%

Llama + Hydra, even better with an enrage ruleset.

Win Rate by Ruleset

RulesetFrequencyWin Rate
Close Range4134.15%
Reverse Speed3435.29%
Healed Out3444.12%
Noxious Fumes3158.06%
Holy Protection3036.67%
Spreading Fury2958.62%
Explosive Weaponry2646.15%
Broken Arrows2564.00%
Lost Legendaries2552.00%
Super Sneak2560.00%
Weak Magic2254.55%
Little League2263.64%
Taking Sides2227.27%
Heavy Hitters2138.10%
Odd Ones Out2060.00%
Aim True1957.89%
Armored Up1926.32%
Even Stevens1844.44%
Fog of War1729.41%
Up Close & Personal1656.25%
Keep Your Distance1573.33%
Silenced Summoners1450.00%
Melee Mayhem1450.00%
Target Practice1428.57%
Back to Basics1353.85%
Lost Magic1266.67%
Rise of the Commons1136.36%
Equal Opportunity1145.45%

No ranged attacks stands out, and I used to love playing Selenia....

Rewards Report

Standard Foil Cards
Total Standard941820
Gold Foil Cards
Total Gold00

Loot Chests

Reward ChestsDailiesSeasonTotalπŸ’²DECπŸ’²
Legendary Potions2612381520
Alchemy Potions2618442200
UNTAMED Packs0000
Cards (Total)6826941820

Captured DEC (Ranked Rewards)

Ranked Play WinsDEC Earned

Total Ranked Play Rewards

Total Ranked Play Earnings
21790 DEC

Dude, where are my gold reward cards? Been a while!

21790 DEC last season, that's 263 HIVE at current prices. I'm also renting cards with a net gain of 15000 DEC/month - around 450 HIVE. Most of this will go back into the game though!

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