Splinterlands Weekly Giveaway! 3 Deaths on wheel part 2! 60 dec and lvl 2 Soul Strangler

Welcome Splinterlands People!

how these giveaways will work is that all hive earned from this post will be put into better prizes for example we will start with 50 dec as a base prize then if no winner is chosen we will up the prize next post.


The 50 Dec will be put into a card of equal value meaning after someone win the card will be bought and sent. if no winner is chosen and we earn 50 more dec from the post I will give away a card worth 100 dec next post and so on.

How To Join!

like the post and comment on the post so I can place you on the wheel of names.
I will spin the wheel on Splinterlandstv in my time slot from 3-5pm est on Monday.
If I am unable to stream the prize will increase next week.

2 death on wheel winner

our first winner and fellow streamer

2 death winner.PNG

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2 columns
1 column