My Second Season End Reward

There was a system maintenance yesterday that I was not able to check my season end reward, but it was worth the wait. I got the following:

Season End Reward
1. Phantasm [Death Monster]
2. Demented Shark [Water Monster]
3. 2000 Dark Energy Crystals
4. 13 Dark Energy Crystals
5. 11 Dark Energy Crystals
6. 2 Legendary Potion Charges

Although it would have been better if I got either a card or a few more Dark Energy Crystals instead of the 2 Legendary Potion Charges, I'm thankful for the season end reward as it's like getting back the money I've paid for the Summoner's Spell Book with some interest.
Moreover, I'm glad I ended the season at a higher league than I did on my first season. Yes, it's my second season. I joined the game on the second half of last season.

For my first daily quest this season, I was given the Earth Quest that I've completed in 9 matches.


I got my first rare card, Temple Priest [Life Monster]

Only the most advanced Priests of the Silver Shield have earned the power to commune with the goddess Khymia in her great Temple in the clouds. They are never the strongest among Khymian warriors, nor do they carry the greatest magical powers, but their visions and messages from the goddess determine the direction of an entire people, and sometimes the fate of the whole Splinterlands. The Priests’ communions with Khymia take place through complex rituals of astral travel, and some of these Priests are able to relocate their physical bodies anywhere in the Splinterlands in a form of teleportation. High Temple Priests do not fight, but because essence combat is not forbidden by Khymia’s doctrines, many of them allow themselves to be summoned to tournament battle.

For my fellow Splinterlanders, please take it easy on me in the battlefield. And I'd be delighted to get tips from the veterans.

For those who've yet to join Splinterlands, please follow this link.

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