My biggest investment in Splinterlands and first pack opened!

My biggest investment in Splinterlands up to now



I'm fairly new to Splinterlands and when I joined all packs were already gone from the game market. Since I didn't know much about the game back then and I knew that Chaos Legion was in the making, I decided to save up some money to invest in Chaos Legion packs when they dropped.

Well, the time finally arrived and I decided to buy 100 packs with the resources I saved! I know that's not a huge investment and it's almost nothing compared to what some of the seasoned veterans have put into the game but hey, I had to start somewhere right?

100 packs.png

This has been my biggest investment in the game so far and I'm pretty sure it's going to pay off in the future. Splinterlands is a true gem in the world of play to earn and I'm confident that I'll have a huge return on my investment.

Opening my very first pack

I never had any packs before so I obviously never had the experience of opening one and this is why I decided to try it out now that I bought a few.

And my very first opened pack ever granted me...


first pack.png

Well.. not great :P

It's alright though, I just wanted to feel what is like to open a pack on this game so I'm happy with what I got!

In fact, I wanted to get that rush again so I decided to open 9 more packs to get a total of 10 packs opened!

9 packs.png

I find it interesting that there is an option to reveal all. I imagine it can be useful when opening a lot of packs at once. However, since I was doing only 9, I wanted to have the thrill of revealing the cards one by one, and so I did.


I'm not gonna post all of the cards here because I didn't get anything to write home about. I did get a couple of epics and gold foil cards, which is always nice, but no GFL, unfortunately.

I'll open more packs eventually, after the airdrops probably, but I will still keep some because they tend to become very valuable once they are sold out. I don't know yet how many I'll keep and it's possible that I decide to buy some more but I'll have to wait and see how things go!

Final thoughts

I'm new to Splinterlands but the game got me hooked very quickly! It's a great game with many possibilities and strategies to explore. For a while, I thought I was missing out by not owning many cards so I decided to change that.

It was a small first step but I plan to keep building my collection and become more involved with the game every day!

If you too want to join this great game and awesome community, all you have to do is click here!

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