10th Untamed Airdrop Card Revealed!

We can't believe that we're coming up to 1 million Untamed edition booster packs printed! They have been flying off the shelves recently, and that means it's time for another airdrop!

It's finally time to reveal the Dragon Splinter Summoner - Byzantine Kitty - which is the final of six total Untamed edition Legendary Summoner cards to be added into the game via airdrop. The character was designed by @byzantinist (if you couldn't tell) and will be the 10th new Untamed card to be airdropped to early pack purchasers!

Even though the card is being revealed now, it won’t be “unlocked” and available in the game until after the remaining ~10,000 packs are sold. The Byzantine Kitty will be the 19th Legendary card to be available in Untamed edition booster packs, so the chances of receiving the card in the airdrop (as well as in booster packs going forward, without the use of potions) will be approximately 0.211% or 1 in every 475 packs on average, with an average of 1 in 50 of them (or 2%) being Gold Foil.

Additionally, in response to player feedback, players will be GUARANTEED to receive at least one Byzantine Kitty card for every 475 packs they have purchased.

Show Me the Stats!

Like the other Untamed Legendary Airdrop Summoners, the Byzantine Kitty costs 7 Mana. It gives all friendly Monsters +2 Speed and the True Strike ability which means that their attacks will always hit! On top of that, it also has the Tank Heal ability which means it will heal the monster in the first position on the friendly team once each round.

Here are some notes about the Byzantine Kitty's interactions with some other abilities and rulesets (for those of you who are into that sort of thing):

  • Byzantine Kitty's Tank Heal ability will trigger after other beginning of round effects such as Poison and Earthquake.
  • Monsters cannot have two of the same ability, so Monsters that already have the True Strike ability will not get an additional benefit from Byzantine Kitty's True Strike ability.
  • Byzantine Kitty's abilities will not be in effect in the Silenced Summoners ruleset.
  • Byzantine Kitty's Tank Heal ability will not work in the Healed Out ruleset.
  • Byzantine Kitty's abilities and effects WILL apply in the Back to Basics ruleset, as this ruleset states that "Monsters lose all of their abilities", but not that they cannot have abilities applied during a battle by the Summoner.

Get In On the Airdrop!

At the time of writing there are just over 10,000 Untamed booster packs available for purchase that will be eligible for the Byzantine Kitty airdrop. Of course, all Untamed booster packs purchased to date - either through the site or through the crowdfunding campaign - are also eligible, and after the airdrop the card will be available to be found in all packs opened going forward.

These packs will also be eligible for all 4 of the remaining new Untamed card airdrops that will happen every time another set of 100,000 packs are sold.

We also want to remind everyone that it is still often possible to get a discount on purchasing booster packs by getting Dark Energy Crystal (DEC) tokens on secondary markets. DEC currently trades on the following exchanges:

Byzantine Kitty - Lore

Be not distracted by cuteness and fluff,
Byzantine Kitty is cuddly but tough,
If you dare to think kitty is merely a pet,
You haven’t faced kitty in battle just yet.

Stay tuned for more updates from the Splinterlands!

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