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The sky was bleeding moonlight when I saw the shadows of Lightning Dragons on the horizon. There were dozens of them. I shut my family safely inside the hut, extinguished every lantern and I was off.

The Sack of Lyveria

I thought I could hear the beating of their wings over Federoch’s steady gallop (the old boy was riding harder tonight than he had in years). Turns out it was just the crazed pounding of my heart.

The Dragons were heading straight toward Lyveria as the majestic city slept. The walls would prove futile to these invaders, who would take no prisoners and leave nothing unburned.

As I crested the final hill that overlooked the city, the Lightning Dragons soared over my head. They were causing far less noise than the typical wild ruckus for which Lightning Dragons are known, which brought me to a chilling realization...

The great peace is broken. I was not able to warn the guard in time, and now the Lightning Dragons were careening silently into the walled Kingdom. I loosed a single flaming arrow toward the wall outpost nearest to me, hoping it would rouse the attention of the night watch. By a stroke of luck, the passing of my arrow illuminated one of the Dragons, and the siren began to sound.

One by one, lights appeared throughout Lyveria as I watched from the hillside, but not before I heard the screams. It was too late.

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