Splinterlands Updates - May 2021

As we are coming ever closer to Untamed edition booster packs and land plots selling out, and getting ready to add major new features and expansions to the product, we have a number of "clean up" items to take care of to help prepare for everything that's coming.

DEC Ranked Season Leaderboard Prizes

Starting with the current ranked play season, the rewards for players who rank at the top of the various league leaderboards at the end of the season will switch from Untamed edition booster packs to Dark Energy Crystal (DEC) tokens. For each Untamed pack a player would have previously won, at the end of this season and future seasons they will instead receive 2000 DEC - which is the cost of one Untamed edition booster pack in the in-game shop.

This way players have the option to purchase the equivalent number of Untamed edition booster packs in the shop (while supplies last) with the DEC or hodl, sell, or purchase other items with them. This change gives players more choice and flexibility with how to use their leaderboard rewards while also allowing rewards to continue to be awarded in the break between Untamed booster packs selling out and the next edition being released.

Retiring the Mystery Potion

After roughly two years, the mystery potion will be retired from the game, with the last day of mystery prizes given out on Monday, May 31st. On May 31st the last 5 land plot claim prizes will be awarded, bringing the total land plot claims given out via mystery potions to the initially planned max of 1000.

The ability to purchase mystery potions will be removed from the Splinterlands website and mobile app shortly and after the final day of rewards are given out any players who still have mystery potion charges in their account will be reimbursed for those remaining charges in DEC tokens.

In the future we plan to replace the mystery potion with other new potions that add exciting benefits to various new features that are planned to be added into the game.

Ending Free Card Promotion for New Player Referrals

Currently when a player refers another player and the referred player purchases the Summoner's Spellbook, both the referrer and new player receive a random card from the Untamed edition as a referral bonus.

We wanted to give everyone a heads-up that this promotion is scheduled to end on Monday, May 31st, 2021. Please be assured that the 5% lifetime referral bonus for Summoner's Spellbook purchases and all other purchases made using Credits in the Splinterlands shop by your referrals will still apply.

Removing Alpha -> Beta Conversion Function

The operation to convert Alpha edition cards to their equivalent Beta edition card will also be removed in the near future. This feature was helpful when the Beta edition was first released and players who already had some Alpha edition cards did not want to have to start from level 1 with the same Beta edition cards. The feature allowed them to convert their Alpha cards to Beta edition so they could be combined with new Beta edition cards received from packs.

At this point, however, the feature is hardly ever used, and is more likely to be done accidentally, and as a result we feel that it's time to retire the feature.

Stay tuned for more updates from the Splinterlands!

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NOTE: All rewards from this post will be burned.