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The Challenge

  • You MUST answer the following questions correctly in the comment section to enter the RANDOM DRAWING.
    • The exclusive academy in the Western Wood known as Summoners Green cuts how many of its students each year?
    • What are the two Promo Edition Fire Splinter monsters?
    • When was the #1 ranking Guild created?
  • Also include a picture/gif of ANYTHING (safe for work, please).

Note: Entries sharing identical answers AND images will be disqualified. Everyone MUST USE A DIFFERENT PICTURE for their entry to count.

Deadline to enter: When this post pays out. I'll announce the winners and the new questions every other week.

Prizes: Winners will be chosen by RANDOM drawing. Each will receive 1 Booster Pack.

Places to find answers

  • Splinterlands.com - There are little bits of lore on each card, along with a LOT of information. All of which will be fair game.
  • Splinterlore.com - This is the official lore site for the Splinterlands.

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  • Peakmonsters.com & MonsterMarket.io - These are a couple of excellent secondary markets run by the community. While our intention is to focus on lore, it's very possible I'll throw in some random stat questions. If I do, look here.

Good luck!

January 22nd Answers & Winners!

What new ability does Charlok Minotaur have at level one?
True Strike
What or who are the Axemasters protecting?
Though it appears they are protecting the treasures of Eld they would tell you that they are merely protecting the people who would be foolish enough to touch the cursed treasure.
Who is the new Legendary shapeshifting creature of the Splinterlands?
Almo Cambio

Quick Draw Winners

First 3 people who entered with the correct answers.
You each win TWO Booster packs!

xawi omra-sky cornavirus

All other completely correct answers get a pack!

Reminder: On off weeks you can win more Booster Packs in the Live Telegram Trivia Contest!


Rewards for this post are burned.

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