Splinterlands Land Presale - Stage 2 Details

The first of three land presale stages took place last Saturday (Nov. 7th, 2020) with 27 Regions being awarded via the lottery system and the remaining 3,000 plots having been sold out within 21 seconds. The overwhelming amount of traffic to the Splinterlands API servers when the presale began caused them to crash, making the Splinterlands website inaccessible for some time.

We are expecting a similar amount of interest and participation in the second presale stage which begins on Saturday, November 28th, 2020, at 16:00 UTC (11:00 AM ET), so in order to ensure a smoother and more fair experience for all participants we will be implementing the lottery system for land purchases of all sizes.

We expect the second land presale lottery to be open for entries via the Splinterlands website on Monday, November 16th, 2020, however please keep in mind that entries may be submitted at any time up until the lottery drawing occurs and there is no benefit or advantage to entering early.

Guaranteed Regions

As we have specified in this post about the first land presale lottery, any player who entered the lottery for a full region worth of land but did not get chosen would be guaranteed to get a region in the second stage of the presale if they chose to participate.

There were 23 participants in the first land presale lottery who were not chosen, out of the 50 total participants, so that means that up to 23 regions of land will go to these players in the second presale stage, leaving at least 7 regions - or 7,000 plots - still available. Please note that there may be more than 7,000 plots available if not all of the 23 accounts who are guaranteed a region participate in the second presale stage.

Players who entered and were not chosen in the first land presale lottery and would like to claim their guaranteed region in the second presale should just enter the second lottery as normal for one region, 10 tracts, or 1000 plots and they will be placed in the guaranteed region pool.

Finally, the legendary totems that were offered to participants in the first lottery who were not chosen are expected to be awarded when the totems are added into the game in January of 2021.

Lottery System

The 7,000 or more remaining plots will be made available to all players via a lottery system similar to the one used in the first presale. The main difference being that this time lottery entries will be available for land purchases of any size, from a single plot up to a full region. There will still be a limit of one entry into the second land presale lottery per account.

All types of land purchases will be part of the same lottery drawing and there will not be separate pools for plot, tract, or region purchases. As an example, assuming there are 7,000 plots available in total for the lottery, if the first entry chosen is for 2 tracts, then 200 plots will be subtracted from the total, leaving 6,800 available. If the next entry chosen is for 30 plots, then there will be 6,770 left available. If the next entry chosen is for a region, then there will be 5,770 left available. This will continue until there are no land plots left available or there are no more eligible entries.

The lottery drawing will occur at the exact time that the second land presale stage starts (16:00 UTC on Nov. 28th, 2020) to avoid some confusion that occurred the first time around with the lottery drawing occurring earlier than the presale start date.

Similar to the first lottery, the second lottery drawing will be conducted in a provably fair and verifiable manner based on unpredictable data from the first block produced on the Hive blockchain on or after the drawing time. Players will be notified via a popup message in the Splinterlands game website whether or not their entry was chosen in the lottery once the drawing occurs. Players whose entry is chosen in the lottery will receive their claim tokens in their inventory and players whose entry is not chosen will receive an immediate refund of their DEC or Credits.

If the total number of plots entered into the lottery is less than the number of plots available, then all entrants will receive their requested land and the remaining land will be available for purchase on the website until it is sold out.

Any accounts not chosen in the second stage lottery will receive a "reserved" spot in the third land presale stage if they choose to enter it. This means that if less than 30,000 plots worth of entries are not chosen in the second stage lottery, then all of those entries will be guaranteed to receive the same amount of land in the third and final land presale stage if they choose to enter it. If more than 30,000 plots worth of entries are not chosen in the second stage lottery and also enter into the third stage, then the third stage of the sale will be a lottery among those players who did not get chosen in round two, and will be closed off to any new participants.


Any player who purchased Credits for use in the second land presale and was not able to get the land may request a refund by contacting us via email at support@splinterlands.com.

Refunds will be processed as quickly as possible but may take some time depending on volume and other factors. Refunds will be paid in the same currency used for the Credits purchase(s). Payments made using cryptocurrency will be refunded in the exact amount of cryptocurrency tokens that were paid to Splinterlands, regardless of any price fluctuations of that cryptocurrency token in USD terms between the time of the initial payment and the time of the refund.

Please also note that players who request a refund for purchased credits will lose their reserved spot in the third and final land presale.

Trading in Praetorian Titles

Any player who purchases a region, 10 tracts, or 1000 plots of land in a single transaction will receive a "the Praetorian" in-game title, while any player who purchases 1 tract or 100 plots of land in a single purchase will receive a "the Explorer" title for each tract or 100 plots of land purchased.

Players who have received a "the Praetorian" title will have the option to trade them in for 10 "the Explorer" titles. This will allow players who pooled funds together to purchase a region of land to more equitably split up the rewards among the participants.

This option can now be accessed via the inventory page on the Splinterlands website. Players who have a "the Praetorian" title in their inventory may click on the "hamburger" (three lines) icon next to the title and choose the "Trade In" option to trade it in for the 10 "the Explorer" titles.

Please keep in mind that this cannot be undone. Once a "the Praetorian" title is traded in, it will be burned and will not be able to be recovered, so please be 100% sure you would like to do this before trading in your title.

Uniswap LP Reward Claims

Last, but not least, players may also now claim land plot rewards from the first stage of the Uniswap liquidity provider promotion. This option can be accessed via the drop down menu that appears when you click on your player account name on the top right hand corner of the Splinterlands website.

Metamask or another web3 enabled Ethereum wallet must be installed with the private keys for the Ethereum address(es) from which you wish to claim rewards. Once you enter your Ethereum wallet address, or pull it from your Metamask or equivalent wallet, the system will check if the specified address is eligible for any rewards. If it is, then you will have an option to sign a message using the private keys for that address and your rewards will be credited to your account.

Please note that only land plot claim token rewards for the first 30-day period (Oct 3rd - Nov 1st) are available to claim at this time. Plot claim rewards for the second and third 30-day periods will be available to claim once those periods have ended, and raffle ticket rewards will be available to claim in January, 2021, once the entire promotion has ended.

Stay tuned for more updates from the Splinterlands!

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NOTE: All rewards from this post will be burned.

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