Splinterlands has Teamed up with Yield Guild Games!

Yield Guild Games (YGG) is the biggest Guild in play-to-earn gaming. True to their motto, Seeking Yield Across the Metaverse, they have been helping countless players all over the world access the power of blockchain and NFT gaming. By bringing Splinterlands to their massive network of players, YGG will be able to empower them like never before, getting them one important step closer to gaming for a living.


The Partnership

YGG connected with us just in time before the recent sellout of land on June 9th and then Untamed Booster Packs on June 11th. As part of the partnership, YGG was able to purchase a bulk supply of both land and Untamed Packs that will equip their players nicely for the future of Splinterlands. Additionally, they were provided with a pile of Summoner's Spellbooks to distribute to their community in a manner of their choosing.

The YGG team has already appeared at the last couple Splinterlands Friday AMAs to talk future plans and begin the process of intermingling our communities. They are incredibly innovative, and we have no doubt that they will be able to create some excellent community initiatives for Splinterlands, taking full advantage of built-in functions such as account delegation, rentals, "scholarship" possibilities and more.

Yield Guild Games was highlighted in the popular recent short documentary, Play To Earn, which explained the importance of play-to-earn gaming by telling the story of a single small town in the Philippines that has benefited tremendously from the technology. For the Guild's latest news (including their announcement of our partnership), please visit the YGG BLOG. You can also join the YGG Discord at THIS LINK to get connected with the community and meet some great play-to-earn people.

Don't miss next Friday's evening AMA at 8pm EST on June 26th. We will be joined by some key members of the YGG team and answer any questions you may have about this partnership.

YGG Partnership Press Release

It's been a busy few weeks in Splinterlands growth and development, as we're sure you've all noticed. We are extremely excited about many upcoming announcements and developments, including new partners and advisors, updates to the game, and the highly anticipated release of Splintershards.

As always, we could never see such tremendous success without the constant support of our amazing community, one of the best in blockchain. We'll continue to do our best to deliver value, rewards, and an unmatched Splinterlands gaming experience for years to come! Thanks!


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