Splinterlands Card Images by Level

This is a quick update that may be of interest to anyone doing third party development for Splinterlands, or for anyone who wants to share card images in posts or anywhere else. We have recently made available images of every Splinterlands card (both regular and gold foil) including names and stats at every level.

On the game website, the name and stats are added dynamically onto the cards and the image files only include the card frame and character art. This made it difficult for third-party developers and applications to show accurate images for cards. Now all of our awesome Splinterlands developers and content creators can access fully-statted images for all of the cards!

The URL format for the new images is as follows:


The parameters are:

  • Edition - alpha, beta, promo, reward, or untamed
  • Card Name - The URL encoded full name of the card (i.e. Spineback Turtle)
  • Level - Numeric value from 1 - 10 for Common rarity cards, 1 - 8 for Rare, 1 - 6 for Epic, and 1 - 4 for Legendary
  • Gold - You can append _gold before the .png extension to show the gold foil version of the card

Some examples are as follows:

  • Gold Foil Beta edition Level 4 Spineback Turtle - https://d36mxiodymuqjm.cloudfront.net/cards_by_level/beta/Spineback%20Turtle_lv4_gold.png
  • Alpha edition Level 9 Giant Roc - https://d36mxiodymuqjm.cloudfront.net/cards_by_level/alpha/Giant%20Roc_lv9.png
  • Untamed edition Level 3 Cornealus - https://d36mxiodymuqjm.cloudfront.net/cards_by_level/untamed/Cornealus_lv3.png

We will do our best to keep these images up to date as new cards are added or changes are made. We hope that this will allow third-party developers to create much richer and better-looking applications!

These new images will also be used on sites like OpenSea with our upcoming Ethereum integration which we hope to put live as soon as next week!


Splinterlands is happy for you to keep your copyright and use our artwork and materials in what you produce on some minimal conditions.

  1. You don't compete with us directly on any type of card sale.
  2. You don't make them purposefully spew hate speech in a way that glorifies hate speech (the bad guy can be bad and say and do terrible things, but you can't glorify their badness)
  3. You brand your game "Splinterlands+" unless you actually license it with us for 10% of revenue.
  4. You keep it safe for work
  5. You site that the material is owned and open-sourced by Splinterlands.io

Link to pre-existing game assets: https://mega.nz/#F!1G5QGagB!2hqFx9K5tSDzwl6A62yloQ

Stay tuned for more updates from the Splinterlands!

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