Land Presale FAQ

The Splinterlands team is thrilled to see the levels of interest and excitement about the upcoming Splinterlands land presale. We have gotten many questions from players since the official announcement went out last weekend, and we wanted to post the most common questions and their answers here for everyone to see.

In case you missed it, the official presale announcement and land expansion details posts can be found at the links below:

What is the maximum amount of land that can be purchased by a single player?

There are no limits to the amount of land a player may purchase in total during the presales or afterwards, aside from the overall limits to the total number of plots available for sale in each presale and the post-presale stage.

The maximum amount of land that players will be able to purchase in a single transaction is 1 Region, 10 Tracts, or 1000 Plots. This means that you cannot purchase 12 Tracts at once, for example, and receive the 25% discount for all of them. Instead, you would have to make one purchase of 10 Tracts for $7500 and then a second purchase of 2 Tracts for $1700 ($850 Tract price * 2).

Can you choose between the Praetorian title or 10x the Explorer titles?

By default, the system will award any player who purchases 1000 Plots, 10 Tracts, or 1 Region in a single purchase the "the Praetorian" title; however, since we know that many pooled land purchase groups would prefer to split up the titles, we will allow players the option to trade in one "the Praetorian" title for 10 "the Explorer" titles at any time up until the land is released. It will not be possible to combine 10 "the Explorer" titles into one "the Praetorian" title, however.

This will likely be handled manually by contacting us at or on Discord AFTER you have received your title in the game.

Please keep in mind that each account may only have one title active at a time and the specific benefits that each title provides will not be revealed until the full expansion is released.

General Payment Questions

It is not possible to split up a single land purchase across multiple payment currencies; however, it is possible to purchase Credits with various different cryptocurrencies and/or PayPal and then use the Credits to make the land purchase.

For example, a player could purchase $100 worth of Credits using PayPal, $300 worth of Credits using HIVE, and $450 worth of Credits using Bitcoin (BTC), for a total of 850,000 Credits which they can then use to purchase a Tract of land for $850 during the first presale.

For anyone who is concerned about the first presale selling out too quickly, we recommend that you have the full amount that you are planning to spend in either Credits or DEC ready in your game account ahead of time. Using Credits or DEC in your game account is the quickest way to purchase land as it only requires a single Hive blockchain transaction.

It will be possible to make land purchases directly with either PayPal (up to available limits) or the various cryptocurrencies that Splinterlands accepts, however if the available land in the first presale sells out before the payment is completed and receives the necessary number of blockchain confirmations (in the case of cryptocurrency payments), then the purchase will fail.

In the event that any payments fail for any reason after funds have been transferred, players can contact us at or on Discord for a full refund.

Finally, we want to remind everyone that due to issues with fraud and chargebacks, we do have daily and monthly limits in place on the amount of Credits that may be purchased through PayPal. If anyone is planning on making a large land purchase using PayPal, we recommend that you contact us ahead of time to ensure that you will be able to make the purchase. There are no limits on payments made in cryptocurrency.

Should I buy 1 Region, 10 individual Tracts, or 1000 individual Plots?

Generally speaking, if the goal is to hold on to the land until the expansion is released and use it, then it's recommended to purchase a single region and divide it up once the land is released as described above. This will guarantee that all of the plots are together in the same region and that there will be exactly 9 Keeps and 1 Castle within the region.

The only advantage to purchasing 10 Tracts or 1000 Plots rather than a single Region is that the purchase can be split up and transferred or sold immediately. The disadvantage is that there is no guarantee that Tracts purchased separately will be in the same Region once the claims are redeemed, or that any of them will contain a Castle building, and similarly there is no guarantee that Plots purchased separately will be in the same Tract or Region once the claims are redeemed, or that any of them will contain a Keep or a Castle building.

Do affiliate payments apply for land purchases?

Purchases of land both in the presales and afterwards will be eligible for affiliate payments, with the exception of purchases made using Dark Energy Crystal (DEC) tokens (as is also the case for booster pack and potion purchases). All affiliate payments will be made in Credits, as usual.

What will happen to DEC tokens used for land purchases?

Splinterlands is selling land to raise funds to build out the planned expansion to the game in which the land will be utilized. This means that any DEC tokens used for land purchases will be paid to Splinterlands just like any other currencies.

This is in contrast to items such as Dice, Skins, and guild creation/contributions which are only able to be purchased using DEC tokens. In those cases the DEC tokens are burned and are not considered to be income for Splinterlands.

Splinterlands remains committed to never selling DEC tokens on external markets. Instead we use our DEC tokens to fund tournament prizes, facilitate card purchases on the market, provide liquidity to the Uniswap pool, and other promotional purposes.

How will redeeming claim tokens work when the land is released?

When the expeditions are completed and the land is released (which is expected to be in Q2 - Q3 of 2021), players will be able to redeem PLOT, TRACT, and REGION tokens for the associated number of unrevealed land plot NFT cards. The unrevealed land plot cards will show only the location of that specific plot which will be viewable on a visual map. This means that you have received specific plots at specific locations from the exploration company, but you have not actually gone and explored that land to see what lies within.

Those unrevealed land plot NFT cards will then be able to be "explored" in order to receive a land plot NFT card which will reveal all of the details of the plot, including the type of land, the category of the land, the rarity, and whether or not it contains any special buildings. Both explored and unexplored land plot NFTs will be transferrable and tradeable on the markets.

This means that if a group of players pool their funds together to purchase a Region, then when the land is released they can turn in their REGION token and receive 1000 unrevealed land plot NFTs. These unrevealed tokens can then be distributed to the members of the pool before they are "explored" and the details of the land plots are known.

If, for example, a group of 10 players pool funds together to buy a region, the unrevealed land plot NFTs can be split up by Tract (since the location of each will be known), so that each participant in the pool will receive 100 Plots that are all part of the same contiguous Tract, and will be guaranteed to receive exactly one Keep or Castle building.

Each land plot NFT, both unrevealed and explored versions, will display their location clearly on the card in a format similar to "Region X / Tract Y / Plot Z" and it will be possible to sort and filter the plots by tract and region in the UI to allow things like transferring all plots in a tract in a single transaction.

Can I request that the location of my land be near other players/guildmates?

Many players have asked if they can request that the location of their land be near their friends or guildmates. This is also something that we want to allow and encourage, so to accommodate this we are planning to allow players to redeem their claim tokens early - likely within a couple weeks to a month before the land is actually released - and request that it be located near certain other players.

The exploration companies will then do their best to manually place all of the pre-redeemed claims on the map close to the requested players' claims when the map is being created. The land plot NFTs with the specific locations will be automatically given out to those players when the land is released.

Please keep in mind that the accommodation of location requests will be on a best effort basis and no guarantees can be made that all requests will be able to be accommodated. Additionally, land that is located near another player's land may also still be in a different Tract or Region. The only way to guarantee that all lands will be located in the same Tract/Region and to guarantee the number of Castles and Keeps on the land is to buy a full Tract or Region during the presales.

Please note that there are no benefits or advantages to redeeming your claims early other than being able to request that they be located near other players’ land. Players can still redeem their claims at any time after the initial land release, at which point the location will be determined randomly based on the remaining land available at the time of the claim.

Additional Questions

Despite our best efforts, we expect that this still won't cover everything that players want to know about the upcoming land presale and expansion, so if you have additional questions, please feel free to reach out to us in the comments here and in our regular AMAs every Friday on Discord and we will do our best to answer as many of them as possible.

Stay tuned for more updates from the Splinterlands!

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