14th and FINAL Untamed Airdrop Card Revealed!

Well that escalated quickly...

It is now time (past time actually) for the 14th and final airdrop of the Untamed edition! Players who purchased some of the first 100k Untamed packs back in 2019 will now have had the chance to participate in FOURTEEN different airdrops for each of those packs...just something to keep in mind when the next edition - Chaos Legion - is released later this year...

Now, for the final Untamed airdrop card, we introduce - not a bird, not a plane - but a new Epic Life Splinter Monster that is out of this world - Hero of Beyond!

The Hero of Beyond will be the 17th Epic card to be available in Untamed edition booster packs, so the chances of receiving the card in the airdrop (as well as in booster packs going forward, without the use of potions) will be approximately 1.18% or 1 in every 85 packs on average, with an average of 1 in 50 of them (or 2%) being Gold Foil.

Additionally, players will be GUARANTEED to receive at least one "Hero of Beyond" card for every 85 Untamed edition booster packs they have purchased.

Show Me the Stats!

The Hero of Beyond is an unusual Ranged-attack tank. He can be the "anchor" for teams in the last position on the battlefield and if all else fails and he ends up alone in the first position he can use his ranged attack via the Close Range ability and he gains increased stats through the Last Stand ability. His super-human skin also Shields him, allowing him to take reduced damage from Melee and Ranged attacks!

Get In On the Airdrop!

Well, usually we announce the card BEFORE all 100k packs are sold so there is a final opportunity to get in, but with the last 50k packs having sold in the last two days while we were also busy dealing with land selling out and getting the Dice airdrop ready, among about 1000 other things, there was no time!

We are working as quickly as possible to get the Hero of Beyond airdrop out to everyone who has purchased Untamed edition booster packs before the final 100k that are left in the series.

To everyone who has purchased Untamed packs, we want to sincerely thank you on behalf of the entire Splinterlands team, and promise that we will continue to work as hard as possible to ensure that those purchases continue to be extremely rewarding going forward!

Hero of Beyond - Lore

The Splinterlands are fairly accustomed to unforeseen arrivals of new guests, especially in light of the recent mass migrations from the other side of the world, where a tremendous and terrible nameless conflict expands ever nearer to the Splinters. Still, some newcomers make greater impressions than others. One such newcomer is a handsome caped visitor that quickly became known as the Hero of Beyond. When he descended into the Life Splinter, the Khymians who witnessed his coming were incredibly afraid, and with good reason.

The Hero arrived on the Day of Light, a solemn remembrance day for the tragedy of Khymia’s Obliteration of Light so many years ago. During the Obliteration (a necessary evil to rid the land of hordes of invading Ferexia), all living creatures vanished in pillars of light from the surface of Khymeria. Only those who took shelter underground escaped this fate, and the Obliteration is the reason that there are so few animals living in the Splinter today. On the remembrance Day of Light, Kymians gather in silent meditation throughout the streets of Shimmer City. When the Hero of Beyond descended, the people witnessed a blinding orb of light falling slowly from the sky. Many of them ran from the city in terror, thinking that another Obliteration was upon them and scrambling for the caves.

Instead of tragedy on that day, Khymeria gained a great hero. The powerful glowing-eyed young man, named Darius Roan, has professed his loyalty to the planet and sworn an oath of protection to the Splinterlands. He says his destiny has finally called him home, to the place that will host the last stand of the universe against the brutal forces of chaos.

The Hero of Beyond draws his innate strength and abilities from an exotic and otherworldly form of sorcery called Blockchain, the driving force of the world from which he came. As he submitted to the Gloridax masters his likeness to be made into a card, they questioned him about the nature of his powers. He chuckled heroically, posed for his drawing and replied: “Soon the whole universe will know the power of Blockchain.”

The Hero of Beyond was created as a collaboration with Blockchain Heroes, an ongoing set of collectible trading cards. Learn more at bcheroes.com.

Stay tuned for more updates from the Splinterlands!

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