Top 5 Winning Summoners of Bronze League (2021-10-21)


Top 5 Splinterlands winning summoners and monsters of Bronze league

Battle date: 2021-10-21
Battles Won: 29,802
Player Rating: 0-999
Battle Type: Ranked

 PositionSummoner/MonsterTotal Wins
1.Water SummonerAlric Stormbringer7,336
 TankSerpent of Eld2,339
 Second BacklineIce Pixie2,703
 Third BacklineEnchanted Pixie1,448
 Fourth BacklineWater Elemental916
 Fifth BacklineElven Mystic688
2.Death SummonerZintar Mortalis6,278
 TankHaunted Spirit5,172
 BacklineUndead Priest1,540
 Second BacklineSkeleton Assassin1,452
 Third BacklineTwisted Jester775
 Fourth BacklineDeath Elemental643
 Fifth BacklineMantoid263
3.Fire SummonerMalric Inferno3,746
 BacklineSerpentine Spy834
 Second BacklineKobold Miner1,495
 Third BacklineElven Cutthroat474
 Fourth BacklineFire Beetle389
 Fifth BacklineMantoid205
4.Fire SummonerPyre3,469
 TankLiving Lava1,990
 BacklineGoblin Shaman1,178
 Second BacklineSerpentine Spy1,180
 Third BacklineFire Elemental663
 Fourth BacklineSpark Pixies407
 Fifth BacklineFire Beetle210
5.Earth SummonerLyanna Natura2,091
 TankUnicorn Mustang1,364
 BacklineChild of the Forest637
 Second BacklineGoblin Thief430
 Third BacklineKhmer Princess368
 Fourth BacklineGoblin Sorcerer202
 Fifth BacklineEarth Elemental149
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