Thank You Sir, May I Have Another? My Splinterlands Brawl Beatdown


This is my third #BrawlReport and my second brawl in the PIZZA 2 The Deep Dish guild. I got absolutely destroyed.

I entered Fray #2 for this brawl, which is limited to only level 1 cards. I would think that these lower level frays would include lower level players like myself, additionally because our guild is virtually brand new and would be paired off with similarly powered guilds. I could not have been more wrong!

Nearly every opponent I encountered in this brawl had a power rating of over 100,000. That's just insane... compared to the 15,000 power I had (which was the result of renting a lot of cards at the last minute to push me into Silver III at the end of the season).

I faced 8 opponents and my record was 2W-6L and only because two of my opponents "fled." Speaking of the "fled" issue, I was listed as having fled one of my battles, which is ridiculous because I submitted all my battles well ahead of the deadline.


This was an unfortunate outcome and I'm not sure I would have done any better with "strategy" since all my opponents had cards I don't have, nor could rent for an affordable price. At least two of the opponents had the Llama/Kron combo that just destroyed whatever I had put up. I am seeing this combo appear more often in my daily battles now too so I will have to start looking for counters for this set.

PIZZA 2 The Deep Dish Results

Our guild suffered this time around and saw many members having the same difficulty I did. We finished in 7th place with 21W-52L. This was disappointing, but I think we faced significantly better guilds this time and they mopped the floor with many of us.


Not a single guild member won more battles than they lost. Our top 5 all won 3 battles each though. We have a lot of room for improvement in the next brawl.


To prevent anymore embarrassment, I'm not going to detail all my losing battles. While there may be some minor strategy issues here and there, it was mostly an issue of being faced with opponents with enormous card sets and I just don't have the proper counters for them at this time and the cost to acquire them is prohibitive for my level of play. What is your go-to counter for an opponent that regularly uses Llama/Kron?
Let's take a look at a Daily Quest battle I was especially proud of where I shut down a magic attacker very effectively:

Magic Attack Disarmed

Watch this battle.

This battle was especially fun to watch as my Mushroom Seer effectively voided their +1 magic attack summoner and I placed a Unicorn Mustang in the second position. The Stonesplitter Orc was placed as the tank and was meant to take the brunt of the melee damage from my opponent before my Unicorn Mustang would step up to the front position and take magic attacks. The Unicorn Mustang has the Void buff which reduced magic attack damage by 1. Since all my opponents magic attack monsters only have 1 attack point, they all hit the Unicorn Mustang with 0 attack! Now my monsters are able to just take them out one at a time as they are rendered completely impotent.

What is the #BrawlReport?

@kennysgaminglife has spearheaded the #BrawlReport project as a way to get PIZZA guild members more engaged in the Splinterlands community. Here's what he had to say:

Starting with the brawl that just ended, I've invited/asked members of the #HivePizza guild to publish a #BrawlReport, breaking down their highs & lows, where they need help, questions they have, strategies they love, and so on. The idea is to help us all reflect a bit, learn a bit, share a bit, earn a bit, and connect a bit :-)
Any other guilds interested in publishing a #BrawlReport, either as individuals, or one for the whole guild, I'm happy to send some curation love your way!

My last BrawlReport:

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