How splinterlands is helping people live a better life

I read an hour ago that a player messaged the founder of Splinterlands about how earning about a 100 dec helped him get food supplies daily and without a proper job in the pandemic era, this was a blessing.

I can say that a few of us could feel a lump in our throat and an unshed tear. Times are hard and it is not possible to live an easy life. The lockdowns, the sickness, the lack of money, the fear of being struck down by illness, the rising costs, and the general depression all-around have affected people in more than many ways.

Splinterlands is now promising to be the lifesaver we all need. It is not only a stress remover but also helps financially.
Now, people may complain that only early investors benefit but trust me, I am not an early investor. A few days before, I had written a post about how I built my deck.

The steps are simple and I reiterate once more.

  • buy a starter pack
  • play daily - got credits? - buy a card- not cheap? - wait for chaos
  • prove your worth by winning more than losing but if you lose more than five at a time, get up and go do your chores and come back to win
  • study other battles and think why you lost
  • write about splinterlands and include the tag - spt and earn
  • reinvest in cards and maybe dec or sps or packs

We were talking about how Neoxian city chat is always about splinterlands and I wondered aloud about chatting on another topic and xawi mentioned that we did not 'do' anything other than play and talk about splinterlands. So, there is that. I guess, we did not know the years pass by.
Many have come and gone but those who hodled to splinterlands despite all the FUD and the rages and quits, oh well, patience pays.

SPS has changed the way for even the normal player in splinterlands. It does not require heavy investing like the other games and nor does it require fees for transactions. Also, you can write about it and earn.

The more cards you collect and the more dec you have, the more sps you get. So, start holding.

Remember, life is also about enjoying and splinterlands games are what you will find above the ordinary and even though it might seem difficult at first, it can be very addictive and also help us relax and enjoy but at the same time earn money like never before.


  1. Watch out for the deals on the markets. - monstermarket has a cashback
  2. Rent summoners but also rent only those that can be summoned by hte respective levels
  3. Make sure you use the rented monster before the time expires
  4. Try to bring in your friends or family members
  5. Remember to power up some hive that you get from writing about splinterlands
  6. Make videos and post it on social media
  7. Share battles and images on social media
  8. Start playing splinterlands regularly and you can be an expert in no time and also watch your collection grow
  9. Make sure you reinvest in the game and start building your deck with real cards, so you don't have to rent again

image - splinterlore

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