Do's and Dont's after a Splinterlands season

It is many a season that I have played in the splinterlands
many a time that I have been defeated and returned badly
still, I persist
I cannot desist
to keep on fighting on the splinter land

Sorry, I couldn't resist writing a small poem of sorts.

This is the first day of the new season and oh my, what a season it is.
Christmas and New year are around the corner and the whole world is still battling the corona virus and its variants. The hope of course is still around and it is what makes the people go forward.

In between all this chaos and confusion (sorry, no pun intended at the new sl edition), splinterlands is providing a stable income to many a player from the third world and backward countries across the globe.

As you know, only a privileged few can boast of money and the rest have to toil it out for a meal. When the SPS or splintershards came about and it rained money on the players, many a life was changed forever and we have to thank the splinterlands founders and the team for that.

Today, I wanted to write a few tips for the new players who might think that the going is tough especially after the new season starts. It is easy to give up but hard to hold on and progress.

Starting with a borrowed ten dollars and 250 dec given by xawi, I started my splinterlands journey. I kept buying cards and even when I wanted to give up, I kept seeing the msg - don't give up on several sites that I visited and it seemed like a sign and I did not and now see how it has grown and so, you the new player mustn't give up on yourself either.

Ok, the tips to help the new player and I am sure this is for those who are too shy to ask or just do not have the impetus to do it or be active on discord chats. Try to be active on such chats.

Tips for new players

  • Do not rush with the battles on day 1 of a season - you might lose more than win
  • Try to do quest battle only if the rule favors it otherwise you will lose if you keep only the ruleset in mind
  • Make sure you take a break on day 1 of the season to make use of the increased dec and that can be done only if you have a great energy capture rate
  • Leaving a twenty-minute gap between battles is good
  • Do not rush on days 1 and 2; you still have lots of time left
  • Try to join tournaments especially if it is free or near-free because tournaments give you experience and lessons in game playing
  • You also get to play with a large number of players who are experienced and this can help you in learning more about the game
  • Try to be active in the discord chat group of splinterlands because it will help you connect with players and you can also get new firsthand and participate in the town hall meeting held every Friday
  • Be grateful that you have a great founding team who actually care about the players and make sure you get the best
  • Try not to sell good cards because they can appreciate in price and also help you get back your ROI in the long run

Chaos and more

The chaos legion cards are very powerful and I am not sure why the airdropped cards are being sold off without any hesitation. If you have money, go and grab some because these cards are not available from packs and it will soon rise whether anybody tries to dump it or not. Also, the Dr.Blight card is very useful if used in the right position.

Once the modern format is released, people will see a steep rise in prices, and also the general sale will ensure that many a player has maxed deck and this particular card will be in high demand.

Remember Yodin Zaku? I had put all my hive from an exchange into buying level 3 and now see the price. So, don't say I did not warn you.

images - splinterlore

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