SPS Earning Report: Day 63 (November 12, 2022)

Hi! @Saydie here, playing Splinterlands everyday.

It will be the last day of my rentals so like last time, I will use this last day to grind for as long as I can to collect as much chest as possible and since it will only be days before the end of season, I planned to not play this account until the start of the next season. So for today, I was able to make 79 battles with 51 of the battles won and since I know that I won't be playing for the rest of the season, I play it until there was only 25.60% ECR and I collected a total of 17 Gold chest. Despite not playing much for this account I was still also able to collect 56 EOS chest.

Upon opening the chest, this are what I've got:

  • 1 Regular Foil Epic Card (100 CP)
  • 2 Regular Foil Rare Card (40 CP)
  • 2 Regular Foil Common Card (10 CP)
  • 6.511 SPS
  • 38 Merits
  • 20 Legendary Potions
  • 18 Alchemy Potions

This time, there is no legendary card and the total chest value was lower than yesterday despite having more chest quantity today. The Total SPS that I get from those battles are 17.208 and with 6.511 SPS that I get from the chest, the overall total is 23.719 SPS.

And that was all for today's earning report. Thank you!

All the image that I edited here belongs to Splinterlands.

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