Giant Killing Chronicles: Chapter 14 (Speed is King)


Hi! @Saydie here, playing Splinterlands everyday.

I come up with a new content which I called "Giant Killing Chronicles" where I share battles but unlike my Weekly battle challenge, it does not have a featured monster but instead show battles that I at first seems to be at disadvantage due to the level gap between my team and the opponent but still prevail at the end just like in sport where an underdog team wins over a powerful opponent.

As we know, Splinterlands is a card game where in we can level cards and as we level- up this cards, their stats increases and they also gained some abilities which will give it more chance to win the game but it also comes down for one to have the skills to counter your opponent's line- up and luck so there are times that even if you have a low level team as long as it was takes opportunity of the rule set and completely counters your opponent, then even an underdog line- up has the possibility of winning. Of course it does not happen every time but it's very satisfying when they do.

Card Levels per Summoners





As you can see, each summoner type has different levels of monster that you can play defending on their level cap and defending on the type of the summoner your opponent has, there are times that even if we play the same level of summoner, there will be a difference on the level of monsters due to the summoners rarity. The accounts that I will be using for this content are mainly playing at between silver and gold on the modern league with bronze cap level deck. This means that the monster I can use is cap at level 3 for common, level 2 for rare (level 3 for epic summoners), level 2 for epic and level 1 for legendary and I can only use level 2 rare and epic summoners and level 1 legendary summoner.

The Battle

Rule Set


Silver League
Modern Format
32 Mana Cap
Available Elements: Fire, Earth, Death, Dragon

Heavy Hitters
All Monsters have the Knock Out ability.

Spreading Fury
All Monsters have the Enrage ability.

For this battle, I am using a level 1 Dragon summoner Quix the Devious which gives -1 speed and -1 range damage on all opponent monsters while my opponent is using a level 4 Fire summoner Tarsa that gives the +1 health and + 1 melee damage to all ally monsters. Level 4 is the summoner cap 4 Silver league.

With the Spreading Fury rule set, both allies and foes will once received a damage on their health, their speed and melee damage will increase by 1.5% rounded off so my opponent choose a heavy- melee team that is buffed by Tarsa. I on the other hand prioritizes speed with some melee and range monsters so I will be able to do the attacking first and with Lira the Dark and Dragon Jumper having the Opportunity ability, we were targeting the opponent monsters that have the lowest health first in order to avoid them from attacking. Then because my monsters have better speed, they will only get faster with the Enrage ability.

The Result

The Match ended on round 5 as most of the opponents attack continues to miss. This is a reminder that attacks will be useless if they don't hit.

Click the image for the battle link.

And that is all for now for this battle. Thank you for reading.

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