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As a Trading Card Game, one of the thing that makes Splinterlands a unique and entertaining game is the wide variety of Rule Sets that it have. Rule Sets are a set of conditions that either boost or limits the capabilities of the cards that are being played during a match. Together with Mana Cap that limits the number of cards that can be used based on their mana cost, each game includes up to two Rule sets at a time making every battle indistinguishable from the others.

With the Town Hall held during the 31st of October this year, the Splinterland's Team announced the addition of three additional Rule Sets and were implemented during Season 98 of Splinterlands. These Rule Set are Briar Patch, Fire & Regret and Counterspell. Today, I will talk about the Fire & Regret and how to get used to it.

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Fire and Regret

Rule Set Name
Fire & Regret
All Monsters have the Return Fire ability.

Fire & Regret is a Rule Set that is based on the Return Fire ability which deals damage equals to the attack of the opponent divided by 2. Because of this, both players will avoid using range monsters as much as possible and instead use melee and magic monsters for it's team. With this consideration, we can then build a team that will counter either range or magic attacks.

  • If the opponent will use melee monsters, we can use the summoners Mylor Crowling that gives Thorns ability that deals up to -2 damage to the attacker or go for summoners Zintar Mortalis and Cryptmancer from the Death Element or Camila Sungazer from the Dragon Element that reduce melee damage by -1. We can also use monsters with Demoralize ability which reduces range damage by -1. Using monsters with Shield ability also helps to reduce melee damage by half.
- When hit with a Melee attack, does damage back to the attacker.
- Has an upper cap of 2.
- Reduces the Melee attack of all enemy Monsters.
-1 to melee attack, it cannot be less than 1
- Reduced damage from Melee and Ranged attack.
- Attack damage gets halved (rounded up), except attack 1 which deals 0 damage
- Reduces the Thorns damage to 1
- Cancel Redemption damage

  • If the opponent will use magic monsters, we can use the summoners Mimosa Nightshade that gives Void which halves magic damage or with Grandmaster Rathe that gives Void Armor where magic attacks needs to hit armor before the health. We can also Bortus and Thaddius Brood that gives -1 magic to the opponent or go with Owster Rotwell with the Magic Reflect ability which returns magic damage back to the attacker. The use of monsters with Silence also reduce the magic damage of the opponent by -1.
Reduced damage from Magic attacks.
Attack damage gets halved (rounded up), except attack 1 which deals 0 damage.
Void Armor
Magic attacks hit this Monster's armor before its Health.
Reduces the Magic Attack of all enemy Monsters
Magic Reflect
When hit with Magic damage, does reduced Magic damage back to the attacker.
Deals damage equivalent to the attacker's damage divided by 2, rounded up. The damage is reflected even if the attacker does not hit.

  • We can also rely on RNG against this monsters by using summoners Brighton Bloom with the Flying ability that gives 25% dodge chance against non- magic attacks and is similar to Dodge and Stispa with the Phase ability can cause Magic attacks to miss it's target. The Backfire with Aquatus also does work similar to Return and Magic Reflect that it does damage back to the attacker but this was on the condition that the opponent miss the target.
Has an increased chance of evading Melee or Ranged attacks from Monsters who do not have the Flying ability.
+25% chance of evading.
Has an increased chance of evading Melee or Ranged attacks.
+25% Dodge vs melee/ranged
Magic attack can miss this Monster (using the same hit/miss calculation as for Melee and Ranged attacks.
If an enemy misses this Monster with an attack, the attacker takes 2 damage.

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Damage Booster: Amplify

On Fire & Regret rule set and even on Return Fire the default damage that can be reflected back to the attacker were half of the opponent's attack and will reduced to a fourth of it when the opponent has the Shield ability. Despite that, this does not stack even when both the summoner and monster has the same ability. The only way to increase the damage for this Rule Set is to use monsters with Amplify ability. It only does increase the damage by 1 but having and not having monsters with this ability greatly affects the outcome of the battle.

Increases Magic Reflect, Return Fire, and Thorns damage to all enemy monsters by 1

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Exception to The Rules: Reflection Shield

With Fire & Regret rule set on play, a range monster just doing the attack may cost dearly because every successful attack that it did means that a portion of its armor or health will be consumed by Return Fire damage which specially during Keep Your Distance Rule Set as you can only use range and magic monsters and so when the opponent uses range monsters against Lir Deepswimmer or Ilthain, chances to win becomes small. But now, we have the Reflection Shield ability which make it immune to all indirect and reflected damage. This means that range monsters with this ability will not take Return Fire damage from Fire & Regret even when the opponent has Amplify within their team. But this does not mean that these monsters are immune from attacks. They will still received damage from direct attacks.

Reflection Shield
This Monster is immune to all indirect, or reflected damage. That means that it will not take damage from Blast, Thorns, Return Fire, or Magic Reflect

Range Monsters with Reflection Shield

Ash Mirage

Ash Mirage.png

Mana Cost7
Elementfire.png Fire
Attack Typeranged.png Range
Abilitiesability_headwinds_small.png Headwinds
ability_reflection-shield_small.png Reflection Shield

Runic Skyclaw

Runic Skyclaw.png

Mana Cost9
ElementDragon.png Dragon
Attack Typeranged.png Range
Abilitiesability_flying_small.png Flying
ability_snipe_small.png Snipe
ability_reflection-shield_small.png Reflection Shield
ability_giant-killer_small.png Giant Killer

And that was all for the Fire & Regret Rule Set. I hope that this knowledge will help you on winning the matches that are ahead of you. Thank you and keep Grinding!!

return Fire.png


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