Weekly Brawl Recap #3 + GIVEAWAY - Splinterlands Dinero Juegos Guild Beta

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Greetings to all Splinterlands and Hive users! Hope you all had an amazing Brawl this week!😄

This will be DINERO JUEGOS' #3 Weekly Brawl Recap of the Beta Guild!

Get your Popcorn 🍿 and let's view some amazing brawl battles😃


Overall B Guild Performance



We came in 6th this time with 12 wins, 13 losses, and 0 draws. 😁

With this place the guild receive 4 crowns as rewards. One more than the last Recap👑

Each Dinero guild's member received a total of 154 merits. 🤑

Guys, we are getting better! 1 position higher than the last Brawl. Let's keep aiming higher!👆


🤴 MVP of the Brawl 🤴

In any competition, there is always someone that shines more than the rest of the crew!

Brawl Ranking.png

Congratulations, @sheikh27!

You were the MVP of this brawl season! Congrats 🎉🎉

We are incredibly grateful for all of your work on behalf of this guild! 🤜🤛

Who will be the next Star?🤔


Brawl Highlights


@sheikh27's match


The guild's first place match had not need to luck dodges or hits to get the win. In this match both the enemy and sheik had a flaw, their both dps came from just one card. When this happens if the enemy has some sort of way to counter this attack you'll have no other option and will lose.

Call that fate or whatever, but that happened to both of them in this match, they both counter their enemy's only dps. Sheikh27's tank with the shield ability reduced the 1 damage from Cruel Sethropod to 0, and the the enemy shield prevented the Cruel Sethropod to receive a direct attack from Mycelic Infantry, while the Merdaali Guardian healed the damage from Mylor's thorn ability.

In the end, because Sheikh27's tank had more HP to tank the damage from fatigue, he won the match. Some say that luck is also a skill, right? 😮

@chaosbug's match


At this match while the enemy focused in the attack with the demented shark's buff and full dps monsters, chaosbug went to mix of attack and defense. With the Demoralize ability of Disintegrator + a good tank the enemy offensive was stopped.

His choice of selecting Mycelic Infantry as tank was key to his victory. As all the enemy's monster were melee the Shield ability halfed all their attacks making chaosbug tank survive a lot more than the enemy tank giving him an edge at the match that converted to victory.

The phrase: 'The best attack is a good defense" were never so right.🤔

@rimurutempest's match


In my match I had an upperhand in some points against my opponent. First of all, the tank Tusk the Wide is the best fire response against magic damage and it was used perfectly at this match, on the other hand, the enemy's mosnter was a Failed Summoner, but none of my monsters were mages.😆

My enemy had only one big card, while I on the other hand had more cards in the first. With the enemy's big monster was at the middle of his lineup my sneak + Opportunity combo defeated all of his other monsters. That's why you should always try to utility the max number of cards at the mana ruleset.



For this 3rd Brawl Recap we'll giveway a card for each element used at the battle. As fire and earth was use we'll have 2x cards as giveaway, and they'll be:

1x Blood Maker
1x Vampire Bat


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  4. The winners will be drawn with the Filoz Picker, and the prizes will be sent when this post payout.


Guild Invite 📩

Dinero Juegos guild is a multilingual Guild focused on the Hive and Solana blockchains for active player who loves P2E! Here it is a little more about the guild:

Any Fee?No required fees. Free to join, free to stay! 😁
Building's lvlsHall and Lodge (3); Arena and Store (1); Barracks (0)
EventsGiveaway, Trivia, Airdrops, EOS drop.
GamesSplinterlands, Catch Kings, Double Jump, Mini Royale, Bang Defense
BenefitsDedicated Curation Bot, Peakd badge, Active community

If you are searching for a guild to join, you found it! Check it HERE😉




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- For the dividers and signature picture, we are grateful to our Guild Leader, @bananofarmer. 🚀
- The layouts for this recap were strongly influenced by @maggotmilk 's brawl reports.

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