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Welcome back to my blog, @queen-silvia. Alright, I'd like to share my experience and tips and tricks after participating at Summun Infuria Modern Silver Gold Foil Tournament which was held by @splinterlands team. I was finished at 10th position, the same points as 8th and 9th with 48 points and get 281.25 SPS. This is one of my major SPS prize, not my best but the second in my SPS prize record (previously it was 270 SPS and the highest is 806 SPS).

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In this tournament, I am using a new account (silvia-plays), Actually most of the cards are delegated from @bushwhack and the rest cards are from me. We worked together to build "Silvia-plays" account until it has a max out level decks to compete at diamond or even champion league in the near future. So in the next tournaments, Queen-Silvia account will be replaced by "Silvia-Plays" as I can join tournament with 1 account only. Keep in mind that "Silvia-Plays" account is just being used for battling in Splinterlands only.

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Well, This article will explain about the following topics :

  • Tournament Overview
  • My Tournament Performance
  • The most interesting battle
  • Tourney Result
  • Announcement of the Giveaway #39 Winner
  • Giveaway #41




Alright, I strongly recommend everyone to join this tournament because no matter where you are finish at the end, You will receive SPS rewards as long as you are winning the battle. The number of SPS is increasing gradually, The more you win, The more SPS rewards You will get. Just like any other SPS tournament, It requires participants to stake at least 9,957 SPS and have 267,413 minimum power either from renting or purchasing cards. Always remember if you rent the cards, make sure that the cards are still available when the tournament started, otherwise you will be disqualified. The reward is pretty high (500 SPS for the top 4) as all players have to use gold foil cards.



1st Round


Well, The score for this round is 11-2. Although it looks nice but I did ridiculous mistake against @bubke 🤣. I'll explain it in the match preview below along with my second lose against @blastedzeus. This is the first time I saw 3 opponents fled, I'll just take it as it gives me 12 points for free, ha ha ha. Here is the lesson learned and some explanation why I lost against bubke and blastedzeus. You may click on the picture to see how the battle is going on. I hope you like it :
1st lose against @bubke
Mana : 16 (Water, Life, Death, Dragon)Ruleset : Heavy Hitters, Explosive Weaponry
In small mana, Strong players tend to use either Kelya or Lorna Shine as they can negate the opponent's attack for 1 turn while Kitty is generally used in high mana.
his is perhaps my worst team set up in tournament ha ha, maybe we can win in ranked battle using that strategy as kitty will heal The immortal Ancient Linch (the HP is added in each round) but not at tournament. this game lose me very important point.

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2nd lose against @blastedzeus
Mana : 21 (Water, Life, Death, Dragon)Ruleset : Counterspell, Earthquake
Djinn Chwala counters Dark Ha'on Pretty well. Brighton Bloom is always one of the best option in Earthquake ruleset since she can protect from 2 damage each round.
At the final round, I have to lose against very strong and early player, @ula.ocean and @marianaemilia but I get very good battle strategy from them. I am gonna put my battle against ula.ocean as the most interesting battle. Here is the result of the second round, the result was 9-2 for me :


Since I lost to ula.ocean and marianaemilia, Let's discuss about how the battle was going on and take lesson learned so we won't repeat the same mistake in the future :

3rd lose against @ula.ocean
Mana : 40 (Fire, Earth, Dragon)Ruleset : Unprotected, Noxious Fumes
In Noxious Fumes ruleset, players in general used Llama to cleanse and add additional 2 HP but Ula goes with the massive attacking power with Yodin and kill my team first.

The detail of the battle will be explained at "The Most Interesting battle" section.

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4th lose against @marianaemilia
Mana : 19 (Earth, Life, Death, Dragon)Ruleset : Explosive Weaponry, Lost Legendaries
Maria team has more speed and higher attacking power. My defensive strategy (Lorna & Xenith Monk) is not enough to hold their attack.

Actually I was considering to use Ilthain also, but the Explosive weaponry ruleset makes me to use Lorna Shine.



I tried to make my tank (Chain Golem) alive by using Goblin Psychic and Khmer Princess as their tank heal ability will restore Chain's Golem HP in each round but I failed since the attacking power of Yodin (+1 ranged attack and blast ability) is so devastating. At the last round, My Llama Kron combination is still fail to win against Yodin power as they are attacking first with the additional 2 speed from Supply Runner and Contess Sinash.




@ula.ocean, @hg-hs and @imperfect-one became the winner and deserve 500 SPS rewards, followed by @byzantinist and @tj70903 for 416.667 SPS. I failed to finish at the top 4 in this tournament but I'll never give up and try again in the next chance. For all of players who have participated, Congratulations for the SPS reward you got, See you on the next tournament.




Alright guys, now it's time for giveaway. We have 23 participants for the Giveaway #38. I'd like to say Thank you very much for visiting my blog and joined the giveaway. Here are the list of participants :

@ianballantine, @olaf.gui, @engilhramn, @dafusa, @henruc, @monsterbuster, @noctury, @ank12c, @willendorfia, @relf87, @rimurutempest, @blitzzzz, @pero82, @criptosectadepit, @sheikh27, @gregory-f, @jdike, @ieronimus, @mxm0unite, @emeraldtiger, @sapphireleopard, @vaynard86, @rayius

I hope I don't miss out any names there. Regardless you win or not, I hope you guys keep supporting me by participating in my upcoming giveaways because sharing to the community is fun. Here is the snapshot of the winner :


Congratulations to @olaf.gui for winning Venari Wavesmith. This card has Protect and Dispel abilities at maximum level which are very powerful in the battle.

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1 BCX of Venari Wavesmith has been sent to IGN : @olaf.gui, enjoy and take care of that Venari Wavesmith 👍. For other participants who didn't win, you can try your luck taking a part in the next giveaway below (Giveaway #41).

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- GIVEAWAY #41 -

Alright, in the previous post we had some rare cards for the giveaways. In this giveaway post, there will be 1 Chaos Legion card that you could possibly win, Here is the card :
Cruel Sethropod

I will use Wheel of Names for the drawing and the name picked out will be given the card prize.

How to participate :
  1. Please put your IGN (In-Game Name) in the comment section.
  2. If you feel like the post is useful feel free to follow me for more battle tips and tricks and 2 weekly giveaways continuously. I'll make sure we will be good friends :)
  3. Upvote is not a requirement but it will be greatly appreciated to increase the quality and the quantity of the next giveaway.
  4. Only 1 person could win once a week.

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Notes :
  1. The cut off time is the pay-out of this post (7 days). I will put a comment "TIME'S UP" when the time is up.
  2. The winner will be announced in the next giveaways.
  3. If you want to give feedback or critics, feel free to leave any comments. As long they are constructive and not offensive, they will be appreciated.
  4. Started from now, I will tag all of the participants who have joined (in the previous giveaway) in case you want to join the giveaway again, if you want me to stop tagging your IGN, feel free to comment STOP in the comment section.
  5. Every time I posted blogs whether Art Challenge, Battle Challenge or Social Media Challenge, there will be 1 card be rewarded for the giveaway winner.


If you haven't got any Splinterlands account, you can get it here

Great thanks to @rimurutempest for sharing everyone's giveaway (including me), so the number of participants are increasing.

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Alright, that's the end of this article guys, Thank you for visiting my blog. See you in the next article and giveaway. Take care~


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