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Welcome back to my blog, @queen-silvia. In this battle weekly challenge, I am going to share my best achievement in SPS tournament hosted by @splinterlands. I got 270 SPS which is equivalent to $15.66 at the current prize. What I am going to emphasize in this article is that if we want to get high prize, we need to do some sacrifice and hard work. To be honest, I don't own silver deck, so I need to rent to participate in this tournament and then calculate how much profit I got for 2 days rental. Weekend is always the time for me to rent since there are so many tournaments with high prize awaiting. Participating into SPS tournament is always fun since I always got my rental cost back and some profit. Another advantage is that I can push my rating in the top of Ranked battle Leaderboard, just like the below pictures :
Silver League Wild Format :

top 3 a.PNG

Silver League Modern Format :

top 3.PNG

The above pictures will become my motivation booster to compete for the top 3 Silver Leaderboard this season. Well, This article will explain about the following topics :
  • Tournament Overview
  • My Tournament Performance
  • The most interesting battle
  • Tourney Result
  • Announcement of the Giveaway #33 Winner
  • Giveaway #35




Well, This tournament is well-known by all Splinterlands players since It was conducted officially by Splinterlands team. The top 4 will receive high amount of SPS, 540 SPS, which is equivalent to $31.32 at the current prize. Well, in my opinion this is high for such a short and simple tournament. The interesting thing from this tournament is that all players will receive SPS based on their final rank and it's good to incentives players to own or rent cards to increase their skill.

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The tournament league is silver and wild format, which means that All cards (including alfa and beta) are available to be used in the battle. There were 211 players participated in this event which proves how high enthusiasm the participants have for the tournament. The entry fee is only 10 SPS and all players will get the entry fees back as this tournament is rewarding 256 players. This type of tournament is anytime 24 hours to give chance for all the players around the world to fill their match whenever they are free.



I am personally thinking that my performance is not really good since I realized, I submitted my team too fast and didn't review it before submitting. Like for example the match has 99 mana, and I used Scarred Llama Mage as the summoner, and then I realized, oh my god, what I was doing, I should have used Byzantine Kitty instead of Llama. I did this kind of mistake so many time, too bad. The next Poseidar Wild Silver tournament will be held on November 7, 2022 at 3 PM in my local time, Jakarta (UTC +7). I won't repeat the same mistake and try to put the team very carefully. Alright, here is all the battle in the first round :


The first round consisted of 13 matches and I took 3 L out of them. I lost against @fuidflame, The wonder boy from Koochi, @schnapoon, and @junkiecrypto. Since I lost against them, I will share the 3 battles as lesson learned and some explanation why I lost against them. You may click on the picture to see how the battle is going on. I hope you like it :
1st lose against @fluidflame
Mana : 23 (Water, Life, Death, Dragon)Ruleset : Stampede, Odd Ones Out
My opponent counter magic attack perfectly with Grandmaster Rathe and Blinding Reflector. His sneak monsters attack was also pretty effective to kill my team.

yellow mark.png

2nd lose against @schnapoon
Mana : 99 (Fire, Water, Earth, Life, Dragon)Ruleset : Even Stevens
I should have used Byzantine Kitty as well since the mana is 99. Dragon monsters is the best in high mana as they have huge attack and high HP.

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3rd lose against @junkiecrypto
Mana : 27 (Water, Life)Ruleset : Even Stevens
My prediction that the opponent will use magic monster is totally wrong and the match is over once The kraken got killed by Uriel the Purifier.
At the final round, there are 11 matches, and I took 2 L, both from my own guild mate, @kimchiiiii and the top silver player, @brooder. I am a bit lucky after getting 2 bonus win as Kalyus and Buttmonkey have fled the final round. Here is all the battle in the final round :


4th lose against @kimchiiiii
Mana : 99 (Fire, Water, Earth, Life, Death)Ruleset : Heavy Hitters, Odd Ones Out
My Coeurl with 5 speed attack missed against Coeurl with 4 speed, The dodge ability may make your attack miss even you have higher speed.

yellow mark.png

5th lose against @brooder
Mana : 40 (Water, Earth, Life, Death)Ruleset : Equal Opportunity, Close Range
I didn't read the ruleset properly, It was Close Range and I have to use Ilthain or Lir Deepswimmer as ranged attack counter.



Let's ignore the fact that I didn't read the ruleset properly and use Ilthain or Lir Deepswimmer. The brooder strategy to attract all of my attack to the taunt monster in the backline and put two triage monsters as healer is I think good strategy. Both healer are able to restore Wave Brood and Axemaster heath point. As my total attack is less than healer ability (8), all of m attack is useless and my kraken got killed first. Kraken is a very important tank, if he dies, it's very hard for me to win the battle.




Two players got the highest prize in this tournament, @hellslash and @bluelightning, they deserved 540 SPS, the next tier rewards are given to @ula.ocean, @albee, and my guildmate, @kimchiiii. They got 490 SPS each while I have to be satisfied to finish the tournament at 13th place with 270 SPS. I swear to do my best again and really hope to get higher rank in the next Poseidar Silver Wild Tournament. For all of players who have participated, Congratulations for the SPS reward you got, See you on the next tournament.




Alright guys, now it's time for giveaway. We have 12 participants for the Giveaway #36. I'd like to say Thank you very much for visiting my blog and joined the giveaway. Here are the list of participants :

@henruc, @engilhramn, @olaf.gui, @noctury, @dafusa, @bobcarj, @willendorfia, @pero82, @relf87, @ianballantine, @gregory-f, @rimurutempest

I hope I don't miss out any names there. Regardless you win or not, I hope you guys keep supporting me by participating in my upcoming giveaways because sharing to the community is fun. Here is the snapshot of the winner :


Congratulations to @noctury for winning Venari Wavesmith. This card has Protect and Dispel abilities at maximum level which are very powerful in the battle.

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1 BCX of Venari Wavesmith has been sent to IGN : @noctury, enjoy and take care of that Venari Wavesmith 👍. For other participants who didn't win, you can try your luck taking a part in the next giveaway below (Giveaway #38).

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- GIVEAWAY #38 -

Alright, in the previous post we had some rare cards for the giveaways. In this giveaway post, there will be 3 rare cards that you could possibly win, Here are the cards :
Venari Wavesmith
Venari Crystalsmith
Vampiric Blossom

I will use Wheel of Names for the drawing and the name picked out will be given any card you want on the comment section.

How to participate :
  1. Please put any card you want (1 card) and your IGN (In-Game Name).
  2. If you feel like the post is useful feel free to follow me for more battle tips and tricks and 2 weekly giveaways continuously. I'll make sure we will be good friends :)
  3. Upvote is not a requirement but it will be greatly appreciated to increase the quality and the quantity of the next giveaway.
  4. Only 1 person could win once a week.

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Notes :
  1. The cut off time is the pay-out of this post. I will put a comment "TIME'S UP" when the time is up.
  2. The winner will be announced in the next giveaways.
  3. If you want to give feedback or critics, feel free to leave any comments. As long they are constructive and not offensive, they will be appreciated.
  4. Started from now, I will tag all of the participants who have joined (in the previous giveaway) in case you want to join the giveaway again, if you want me to stop tagging your IGN, feel free to comment STOP in the comment section.
  5. Every time I posted blogs whether Art Challenge, Battle Challenge or Social Media Challenge, there will be 1 card (rare card) will be rewarded for the giveaway winner.


If you haven't got any Splinterlands account, you can get it here

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Alright, that's the end of this article guys, Thank you for visiting my blog. See you in the next article and giveaway. Take care~


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