End of Season Rewards- My First in Bronze II

Morning all!

Just opened my season rewards, went to bed super early last night so missed it! This one was an interesting one for me as I finally made it out of Bronze III and into Bronze II. I could have made it to bronze I the final day, but didn't think the rental costs outweighed the benefit of two chests, but I have been doubting that decision haha.

My Rewards


I am happy I got one card, but would have liked it to be more. I have enough potions now to make a witch jealous I think, so would be nice to use them!

The upcoming season

I was very happy to finally make it to Bronze II and will go back there. It cost me about 5DEC to get the power to rent to Bronze II. I think Bronze I might be feasible as well. Might divert some hive income to buying some more DEC to also buy some cards and become less dependent on renting. I rented Doctor Blight the past season and really liked the card, see if I can rent some other legendary to get the CP I need but also use the legendary, otherwise it is a bit of a waste.

How were your rewards?

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