Healing Splinterlands Strategies

I love using healers, in combination with a powerful tank, its a formidable strategy to use.

So what healers do I use? mostly just the tank healers, Wood Nymph for Earth, Crustecean King for Water, and Divine Healer for Life.


Strategies to use Tank Healers

But you notice all these healers, have low health, so you really need to protect them from attack.

you need to protect them against

  1. Opportunity attacks as they have low health
  2. Snipe attacks as they aren't melee monsters
  3. Blast attacks
  4. Sneak attacks if put in the last position

So overall this means it is best to do the following

  1. Don't put in second position as that's vulnerable to blast attacks
  2. put a lower health monster before it to avoid opportunity attacks
  3. put a magic or ranged monster with medium health before it to protect against snipe
  4. don't put in the last position to avoid sneak

So when you think about all these strategies often the best place is in 4th or maybe 5th position.

Which monsters to be a tank

as healing only impacts health and not shields, its better to have a high health monster in the front line rather than high shields and low health, this has 2 benefits

  1. The benefits of the healer are received earlier in the game (there is no benefit whilst the shields are up)
  2. when it heals, there is a higher amount of health regenerated each round for high health monsters.

what about speed?

speed is a tricky one, you don't want your tank monster to be overwhelmed before your tank has a chance to be healed, but equally you don't want to heal to early before damage is done. I find a speed boost with swift or summoner is great for these healers and you want them speed 2 or 3.

The double Heal

Sometimes you can use the double heal strategy, with a tank healer and a monster that can heal itself. This works well if the monster has plenty of health, and can survive multiple rounds, I don't think it works as well with the cerberus which is only a low health monster unless you are playing the little monsters ruleset.

Well that's about it on healing strategies, what are your healing strategies, comment below

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