SPS: Dark Secrets


Are you trying to figure out what to do with your Splintershards (SPS)? Or maybe you want to get some SPS...and you're wondering how or why you should get it?

Well, I'm sorry...but it's not all flowers and unicorns. On the contrary, we are going to explore the dark, terrible underbelly of SPS.

That's right. We are going to discuss the Top 3 Reasons Why SPS is so HORRIBLE!


Firstly, SPS is too easy to get. Seriously. It's almost like they wanted EVERYONE to get some. For example, I logged in today and decided to tackle the daily quest. Looks like I had the Sneak Quest, which means I had to win 5 battles using Sneak characters.

I mean, gimme a break. To achieve a REAL sense of achievement, the game should have made me wait 15 minutes to find each opponent...and the battles should be drawn out, maybe lasting 30-45 minutes to give my internet a chance to lose connection. But nope, super quick match-ups and fast, enjoyable battles. Which is absurd. If people are going to be earning crypto, the least they could have done is make it miserable, hard work. That way, I can complain to the wife about "what a hard day I had today".

But NOOOooooo...It's almost like they want me to get yelled at for having fun playing a game.

Let's look at the results of my play time today:


Are you KIDDING ME??!! I had fun playing a game for 30 minutes and walked away with 15 bucks in value and a bunch of Airdrop points that will allow me to start getting SPS for free every day for the next year?

The least the game could do is make it really, really, really hard to make those numbers without a HUGE investment, right? Wrong. These crazy people made it possible to RENT CARDS! Can you believe this? Suddenly, people are renting MAX level cards for pennies, and card owners are making passive income.

Card Renters are earning. Card Owners are earning. Everyone is cheering while SPS falls from the sky in the form of Airdrops.

Ugh. Do you see why this is grossly irresponsible? Making the earnings this easy results in too many Happy People. Happy People have a tendency to laugh, and in some rare cases under the right circumstances...extreme laughter has been known to cause Death.


There is too much Utility planned for this token!

Why couldn't the team just create a Meme Token named after an animal? Those are cool. Then I can just hold my balance in a wallet somewhere and hope that someday something happens.

Instead, we've got SPS, a token that will be used to qualify for pre-sales (like Chaos Legion) and special promotions. You'll use it to open up a new world of meta eSports sponsorships and gaming when player staking is released. Chances are, certain things will be purchased with SPS.

And then there's the governance. Instead of just HODLing and hoping the token goes up in value, it's like they want to give us the option to MAKE SURE the token (and all your owned game assets) goes up in value.

Giving us the power to influence the game really takes away the appeal of just gambling one's money away. What if we want our financial success or failure to be a surprise??? Now, it's almost like the game is guaranteed to be successful. Talk about a major spoiler.


This is a Big One.

SPS Staking is being released today. I went and purchased more SPS with my other crypto. That's how horrible it is. It made me want to get MORE! This FOMO-inducing token may lead to Gollum-level obsession.

Look at this absurdity!

Screen Shot 2021-08-02 at 5.24.47 AM.png

That's the current APR for staking SPS.

It's almost like the game WANTS people to stake their SPS! Personally, I staked everything I had! But here's the problem: If YOU guys stake your SPS, that means I get a smaller portion of the distributed rewards (since it compares the user's staked amount with the total staked in the entire game).

This is bad.

Ideally, I would get ALL of the millions of SPS being distributed every month. But apparently, a lot of you don't care anything about me, because I see a bunch of you have staked your tokens as well.

I really need each of you to take a long look in the mirror and ask yourself: Who would you rather see get the Staking Rewards? You or Nate?

I think it's pretty obvious that you would want ME to get those juicy APR earnings. So from the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you for NOT staking your SPS.

I hope this helps you understand the issues with SPS. It's too easy to get, has too much utility, and incentivizes you to make more rewards through staking.

The best thing you can do with your SPS is probably just give it to me.

Disclaimer: Definitely not an "official" view, haha. These are my personal opinions (made in jest). Not Financial Advice.


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