Hunting Down the Splinterlands --> Hive Connection!


Without a doubt, splinterlands is connected to hive. It's built on the hive blockchain! But, what is hive?

I pick up bits and pieces in my journey. Hive is a social media cryptocurrency(supporting sharing). It's a way to reward value, in particular **programmers, designers, video content, and writers. Anything online, which really means just about anything with technology because of its link to computers, means you need the big three: programmers, designers, content providers

To elaborate on social media, hive blogging represents everyone's interests. Hive is people. I'm really tempted to say hive is the value of people.

Splinterlands is a hive blockchain game. We can take note that it's for entertainment, but, it also has a #play2earn concept. I really consider this post a follow-up to the explanation of splinterlands cryptocurrencies. Instead of a waterfall graphic I could have used a hurricane!

With any successful game, we have those that explain the game and champion it, those that further the development, sometimes paid speed up progressions, expressions in-game with skins and emojis, and if skill is involved it can become an esport.

Lastly, I'll mention the shared human experience of competing in a game(sport) and the networking of working with trades/buys in a collectible card game. This experience fits so perfectly around the cryptocurrency Hive, which rewards us for sharing, networking, and providing value.

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Great Things Are Coming ^ including auctions, pack discounts, new design, and safe trade

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P.S. Mythicportal, a New Hive Blockchain NFT Game, now has it's discord open to the public! Come join us!

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