Free Crypto Easy Splinterlands/Clash Royale Challenges Big Prizes!


Giveaway Challenge Fest 4pm central Monday-Sunday
Just visit CA discord to see if it's live today for sure :)

Potential 8 packs going out today! One spin can take down 66.00 for players tune in to see how that can happen?

For our passive viewers that don't want to do anything at random times
random viewers will win the same thing a winning challenge player does (Prize Wheel) called the DOUBLE WHAMMY
you're also eligible for random award wins
Just be able to answer me in chat with your splinterlands username(where to send your free prize)

100.00 USD budget every show!

Prizes and Prize Boosts

  1. 1 pack always awarded randomly free for doing nothing
  2. Increase followers by 4 Goal met during show 2 random packs given away randomly instantly
  3. If we reach 20 viewers actively watching then a free pack is randomly awarded
  4. If we hit 30 viewers actively watching the gold card value doubles to $22 USD value! See Below
  5. Bring a new friend to the twitch and instantly be awarded 1000 dec

How Do I Win my DEC Free?

  1. Offer a challenge to me bronze or novice no risk to you
    Win that challenge and get guaranteed 500 DEC, or potential gold card alpha clay golem!, or potential pack!!
    How to Challenge: In splinterlands click the right arrow next to ranked, it will change to challenge, click invite,
    send to @marcuswahl , choose bronze league level and hit send

King of the Hill
King is constantly challenged and paid 200 dec for each person he beats
Byzantine is the current king, Beat him and become the new king!!

Card Trivia- Name That Card, First with right answer wins pack

What I do for my subscribed members, I call them Alphas.

  1. Alpha members don't have to answer in chat for their prize
  2. Alpha members get to double their prize wheel spins if they win challenges!
    Does not apply to 500 dec wins on prize wheel, only gold card and packs. (Thank you Gift)
  3. Priority Challenges(yours before non subscribed)
  4. Bring a friend that subscribes and instantly get a pack!
  5. Use my potions to open your packs won on the stream
  6. Only a subscribed member will ever start as king of the hill/skill level considered too
  7. Priority invites to Clash Royale Clan

I reserve the right to change these terms without notification
Obviously, a prize as listed will always be awarded

Target Value of Project: Help build beginning players and middle players collections, talk bronze strategy and below,
and to have fun.

SPONSORED BY: The Biggest Discount on Splinterlands Cards!
Chromatic Dragon sold for .02, lightning dragon .04, lama sold for .04, mimosa .04, crypt mancer .15
Alpha/Beta Testers Welcome with Open Arms
Cardauctionz Discord:

Now we're live on youtube and facebook too!
Twitter: Buy Cool Splinterlands Stuff to Show Off in the World!

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