I Had A Good Rewards Drop In Splinterlands Today.

After completing my quest today I got a very nice rewards drop from the chests.

Screenshot 2021-09-13 172959.jpg

After completing my quest today I got a nice drop with 3 new cards, 1 epic and 2 rare cards. The new rewards cards were released today and it shows in the drop I got. I am looking forward to getting more of these new rewards cards as time goes but with the price of quest potions and me being a noob I only get one potion a week. It was worth the potion this week in getting these three new cards.

Little by little things are coming along but because of the timing of things happening in the game they are a little slower then they could be. Soon the Chaos packs will be out, with the release of the new packs and the new rewards cards things will hopefully move along a little faster. I did buy a new card this week also unfortunately it came with a 6 day cool down for playing battles so I have not been able to use it yet. You can see the new Mylor Crowling I picked up this week, it should help me to get to silver level through the next season coming up.


This new Mylor card should be playable right at the start of the new season getting ready to start in about a day and a half of me doing this post. I am hoping it will help me to move forward a little faster in the game but we will see how things work out. I will get more cards as time goes but we all know the prices are getting up there for the better cards to use. That's about all I have for this weeks update I will be back at the latest next week for my weekly update in Splinterlands.

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