Social Media Challenge, Brawl Report #29, New Tier, Giveaways Happening!


In celebration of Pizza 1: The Stuffed Crust moving from Tier 1 to Tier 2 in the brawls, I have decided on a giveaway of a Death card. This signifies the death of one chapter to move into the next to hopefully higher pizza challenges and successes!

I am also doing the Social Media Challenge that Splinterlands puts out there, let’s get awareness of an awesome game, follow me on twitter and retweet! @DrKqaos If you are not playing Splinterlands yet, click on any of the battles or the link towards the bottom, would love to have you! Starting with this Giveaway we are looking at the Pelacor Deceiver, which is a good card, now, I am shooting for the moon with 90 likes on this one, if that happens it is turning gold!

• Leave a comment with your username, along with your favorite gold thing, it could be gold bars!
• No repost, upvote or tips, !PIZZA, !BEER, !WINE, !LOL, etc. required, but if you want to I will be appreciative!
• When this post pays out, a winner will be decided by random name picker (
• Winner will need to comment within 48 hours on the winning post, I want to make sure it is going to someone alive! No response, no winnings, but I want to send it out, the prize will roll over to my next brawl report.

As I post this SPS is currently trending at $0.054, a big drop, still a good time to get in to those SPS tourneys! Speaking of buying things, there are 250,405 packs to go until the next airdrop, with the rewards changing they do seem to be going down a little faster!

Since the guild moved to Tier 2 in brawls, which is awesome, we now have 16 frays to fill, this time around, due to a couple of people being on vacation, we only filled 11 out of those 16, I am still in the Novice Chaos Legion only fray, hopefully it goes well for me!

Battle #1 (Link)
We start out in the enemy arena with 36 mana, all monsters have 2 extra armor and loss magic. I decided to go Light on this one due to the extra ranged damage, hopefully I can put the enemy down quickly! They went water on this one, even though I had to sacrifice my scavo hireling, it worked quite well for me id the amount of damage that I did to take them down quickly!


Battle #2 (Link)
Staying in the away field, which is never fun, sleeping in your own bed is always a great thing, and you wake up better that way as well! Anyway, we have 32 mana, no sneak, no snipe, along with Rise of the commons! I decided to go fire on this one, chimney is a great addition along with having the scavo to fix the shield should help! They decided to go dragon fire as well, my guess is to take me out a little bit faster. However, the luck was not with me, slowing me down hurt me and they won.


Battle #3(Link)
Finally, back at home, the good pizza place, also the homemade root beer is a great thing! 54 Mana, no melee, I decided to go Death on this one, hopefully I can get the magic and the ranged going along with the riftwing for the tank and a couple of life leeches to build up! They went with a fire build, I don’t know if my guys are going to be able to build up fast enough with their kills. However, this one worked in my advantage!


Battle #4 (Link)
This one is still at the home arena, which is good. Looking at 38 mana, equal opportunity, and no legendary cards. I went water on this one, hoping that relenor will do some good damage for me, while using the taunt and armor to help mitigate some of the damage. They went water as well, a similar line up to me even. The strategy worked!


Battle #5 (Link)
Time to leave again on this one, back to the away team, and the smelly locker rooms, seriously, how do they keep that stench going around?!?!?!? We are looking at a 99 mana battle, only with light, super sneak and melee only, interesting! At least I have 1 gladiator I can use, I put him in the second slot, not super strong, but I am hoping I get lucky with a kill for the bloodlust. I also put the chaos knight in the back for the shield along with the disintegrator to take away some of the melee damage. They have a very similar setup to me on this one, I wonder who will come out ahead, I think it will come down to fatigue. One of the craziest losses I have every had, it would have been a draw but they had advantage for hosting.


Battle #6 (Link)
Same on this one, still at the away team, at least they have a draft that makes the locker room smell better, downside is that we get to smell the food getting deep fried, so we get hungry before the fight! This one is 23 mana along with super sneak! I am going water on this one with the Wave Brood using Taunt to draw people away then hopefully get relenor to do some damage. They went earth with magic that just tore me up! An action shot with them donning their armor.


Battle #7 (Link)
Finally, back at home, beat up though, not doing so hot at this point. 42 mana, no magic and summoners do not give their boost, welcome home? Trying something new, I am going death on this one to hopefully knock them down a little bit. They went Dragon/water and just too much damage coming my way.


Battle #8 (Link)
Not having luck with going back on the road again, hopefully some pepperoni will come to me in a dream and get me a win! 19 and reverse speed on this one, with only death and water allowed. I’m going death, hoping that life leech works in my favor! They had the same idea as myself, only I came out on top on this one!


Battle #9 (Link)
The homecoming fight, the last one, at the home arena, let’s finish strong! I also talked with our new member @thoth442, we chatted over the secret stuffed crust pizza, we also invited @bonehead752 over from The Calzone guild. Looking at 29 mana, evens and stampede. Going with fire on this one, hopefully Chimney will not let me down! Looks like they had a similar idea, only they had dr blight in the back. Their Chimney got going with bloodlust and took me out.


Currently just over 15 hours left to go on this brawl, I am sitting at 1 and 3 with 5 fights to go, not looking hot for me on this one, hopefully I can pull something out. The guild is currently sitting in 7th place, we are down multiple fights compared to many of the guilds as well due to not filling up our frays, hopefully we can climb!

I ended up 4 and 5, not great, but not too bad with a first try in the new tier. The guild as a whole ended in 7th place, not too bad for our first time out in it, but we will get better!

Other than that, the pizza family is doing all kinds of things over on Discord, come join us!

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Thank you for reading this far, additionally, I do want to thank the people in Pizza, a great place to hang out! I have learned a lot from it and there are great people and a very positive community.

You can find them here: Awesome Pizza Discord

I’m starting to track the Pizza token a little bit more as well, it is currently sitting at $0.01999, a great time to join!

At some point I will be doing some other posts about my experiences in Crypto, but here are some links if you are interested in some other NFT Games or other games as well!

If you use my referral link I will send you 100 DEC to get started!

Layer 2 Labs
A Great community for Splinterlands, with games and a faucet to help players as well, new name as well, was Splinterlabs.

Rising Star
Great music NFT and a way to support up and coming musicians!

Still learning this one, but it is a football (American Soccer), easy to set up and go!

Star Citizen Referral code: STAR-LRKQ-D6NK
Space game, still in alpha development, playable, very immersive, sign up with the referral code it will give you money in the game along with both of us receiving a free ship!

A great way to get into Crypto mining, easy to set up, code gets you a 0.25% fee discount, uses the graphics card while you are not using your computer, or you can mine with just your CPU.

Let me know if there are any questions, you can find me in the messages here or in the Pizza Discord.

Lastly, thank you again, remember you are awesome and have a wonderful week!
Dr. Kqaos

Photos come from PowerPoints stock image, Bitmoji with Splinterlands logo on top of it, or my own screen shots of Splinterlands
Disclaimer: This is my opinion, not financial advice.

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