Share Your Battle, Weekly Challenge, A Serious View… or Death Stare!

I mean seriously, that is like a Death Stare, just so wow, look at the strength! Sometimes that is needed to defend the rest of your monsters in Splinterlands!

In all honesty, this was the first time I used this card, I do not own the card, so I don’t use it, I would like to own the card, in the meantime, I used the in game rental option, so for a few pennies a day, you can rent a card and use it in your fights, a good thing!

Let’s take a look at this one; 9 mana, which is a lot, but you do get a lot for it, it is also just below the level of the Giant Killer Ability, so that works well. Examining the stats, 2 melee damage and 2 speed, nothing great here, but on the other side, 8 armor, and 6 health, that is pretty big, a great tank, especially with the ability of Void Armor, so magic will hit that armor first, allowing him to live longer, a great thing!

Before we get to the battle, let’s look at the history and the lore that has been written about Legionnaire Alvar by
The Chaos Legionnaires are ruthless warriors and the Chaos Legion's elite fighting force. Alvar Veralyn was conscripted into their ranks at a young age after his family was slain and his world conquered by the Chaos Legion. The harsh conditioning that all conscripts receive nearly broke the child, but in the end, his old, easy way of life was subsumed by the desire for battle and conquest. Alvar dedicated himself to his training, intent on reshaping his mind and his body until he had no equal on the battlefield. Eventually, he rose to the rank of General and now stands as leader of the Chaos Legionnaires.

Alvar is a most imposing sight on the battlefield. His armor is imbued to withstand the strongest of magical attacks, and even the mightiest of foes is no match for his massive, two-handed sword, which some say was forged in the Realm of Nightmare. He lives for battle, wading through his enemies and striking them down as he seeks out the strongest among them to engage in single combat. He enjoys nothing more than watching the life fade from his opponent's eyes. His conquests are legendary even among the Legionnaires, and he earned the title of Godkiller after the Battle of Dargnilat, during which he single-handedly defeated one of the Old Gods.

Followed by a story:
“Do you wish to serve?”

Alvar Veralyn glared at the two prisoners kneeling before him, a dwarf and an elf. His plate armor gleamed beneath the harsh glare of the sun, and his massive sword ran red with blood. His Chaos Legionnaires stood in a rough circle around their general and the prisoners. The corpses of the fallen littered the plains of the battlefield.

The dwarf raised her chin defiantly. “No, I would rather—”

Alvar swung his sword. The dwarf's head hit the dirt, and the elf let out a little shriek as the lifeless body fell forward with a thump.

Alvar turned to the elf. “Do you wish to serve?”

“Yes.” the elf said at once, then louder, “Yes!”

Alvar gave a nod, and his Chaos Legionnaires grabbed the elf by the arms, hauled him to his feet, and led him away to begin his conditioning and his training.

After that brutal story, let’s look at the battle, a decent mana cap at 46 and:

Heavy Hitters: All Monsters have the Knock Out ability
Briar Patch All Monsters have the Thorns Ability

The first rule didn’t come into play, but the second, yes it did!

Here is the quick link to the battle, from the Modern Silver League: (Link) however, I will break it down, then you might want to watch again.

First up, the Summoner:

So, due to that thorns ability on everyone, melee will get hurt hard, so I went with the Ranged general, to increase that damage so that I can knock down the enemy quickly, without taking that thorns damage.

As mentioned earlier, the tank, needs to be up front!

I put the legionnaire here for a couple of things, the 6 health can keep him there for a little while, especially with the healing that I gave him, but the armor can help against magic, which it did, also the armor can help absorb a couple of rounds of thorns, which is important as well.

The next card is a good off tank that I use a lot:

I do like this card with light, the 3 magic damage is nice, it didn’t do as much as I would have liked this fight, but the Strengthen ability, which gives everyone on my team an extra health, that was very important for the win.

Next is another great reward card

I use this card a lot with the light set, especially with General Sloan, becoming 3 ranged damage, but then the tank heal ability, makes sure that front line is going to stay in the fight for awhile!

Next, we have the Pelacor Arbalest:

I really like this card, especially paired with Sloan, 3 ranged damage, but attacking twice, YEAH! Nothing much else to say here.

The placement here is twofold, the first one, ranged attack, cannot attack in the front row, 4 damage is a lot of it. The second part is having her in the back will help against those sneak attackers, after the Shieldbearer goes down, the shield gives an extra round of attacks.

Last in the pack is the Shieldbearer:

This is a good card, I put him in the back so that he can pull those attacks from the front line, plus having that extra health from Renova, keeps those attacks pulled off for longer.

My strategy worked great on this one! Having the Shieldbearer in the back, which was important, I use it a lot actually, kept everyone alive for an extra round and change. Then Alvar stayed alive for a round for those damages to add up, which meant that Renova finished off the tank position with a lot of firepower behind her. Keep on throwing that ranged damage!

I am still waiting to pull one from a pack, I still need to collection power, but with how heavy a lot of magic damage is, Legionnaire Alvar is a good card, put in some shield repair with him and he will hang around for awhile!

Overall, this was a really good battle for me, and when you are watching a battle, you always need some Pizza! If you are looking for a great area of Positivity along with a great community, com join the Pizza Family!
You can find them here: Awesome Pizza Discord
Remember to reach across the aisle and talk to someone that might be different than you, you might be amazed at the person you find!
I do want to say thank you for reading all of this and have a wonderful week!
Dr. Kqaos

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Photos come from PowerPoints stock image, Bitmoji with Splinterlands logo on top of it, or my own screen shots of Splinterlands, along with the image that they provided for the Weekly Challenge.

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