May the Fourth Pizza Us, Okay, 4th Brawl Report

Okay I couldn't help on my fourth brawl report, had to come up with some title. Anyway, I went back to the Novice Untamed fray with 6 battles this time around.

Starting out with Pizza 3, the Hand Tossed collection, we began this brawl starting our rank at 252, we did drop almost 20 points this time around.

We entered 11 of the 13 frays this time, things still dropped we only have 58 battles, it looks like brawls are on a downward trend, maybe people are waiting to see what happens with the changes coming? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Anyway, on to the battles!

Battle #1 (Link)

Let’s see how this one goes, poison and little league, why do they give so much mana when it is a little league, something to think about! Anyway, I went with dragon for the armor to help against attacks, then death since only fire and death could be selected, mostly because this is where I have the health, not by much!

They went dragon and death as well, I don’t how it is going to go! So much carnage, however, I came out on top!

Battle #2 (Link)

I the home arena with blast and melee only, 22 mana with fire and earth, I went earth to knock off the armor of the enemy, I hope it is the right choice!

Apparently I did not, the speed of the fire got me on this one!

Battle #3 (Link)

The next away fight, running with Aim True, so range do not miss. I decided to go fire splinter on this one for the speed and shield ability of the living lava.

They went dragon on this one, using fire, but the shield might get me along with the gladiator! Luckily the shield kept me alive long enough to win!

Battle #4 (Link)

Back at the home arena on this one, Heavy Hitters, Odd Only, Fire and Light, interesting. I went with fire for the speed, I didn’t have enough to get to the mana cap, but I have my fingers crossed it will help!

They went fire as well, difference is, they have a gladiator, we really need our barracks! I lost, close, but home arena is not treating me well!

Battle #5 (Link)

Back to being the visiting team! All melee have sneak, and the heavy hitter again, 12 mana, with death, water, and life. So I went light, not much attack, but I have some armor with the truthspeaker, let’s hope it is enough!

They went light as well, but it does not look good, they have an epic gladiator.
Yeah, it did not go well.

Battle #6
Last battle, fingers are crossed! Snail and no ranged, this will be fun, death and fire only. I decided death on this one, they are slower so hopefully it will pay off. Oddly enough, this is the only fight without an opponent with just 10 hours to go!

They ran away from me!

Overall, I drew even with 3-3 showing, I was outgunned on some of them, mostly due to gladius cards, I think we will be getting our barracks soon, if not this next brawl, the one after that.

The guild as a whole, we ended up in 3rd place, 33 wins and 25 losses, we are slowing moving our place up, usually ending between 3rd and 5th, we keep going we will get there! We were only 3 wins behind second place.

Untamed cards are dropping in price, as of everything right now in crypto, notification popped up today for me that 128 billion wiped out in the past 24 hours, rough storm, it will pass and Splinterlands will go back up!

Thank you for reading this far, additionally, I do want to thank the people in Pizza, a great place to hang out! I have learned a lot from it and there are great people and a very positive community.

You can find them here:
At some point I will be doing some other posts about my experiences in Crypto, but here are some links if you are interested in some other NFT Games or other games as well!

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Let me know if there are any questions, you can find me in the messages here or in the Pizza Discord.

Lastly, thank you again, remember you are awesome and have a wonderful week!

Dr. Kqaos

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