Splinterlands. SPS is coming

Good morning!

I love Splinterlands!!!

Every day there is something new, new ways to earn money, to have fun...

A couple of months ago, Splinterlands team announced a new token, so-called SPS. And today that token was released! During a year there will be an airdrop! A year!

First, I will share a brief description of what is SPS token. I took it from the game page.


I did a screenshot of my balance today.


But here I was curious about SPT tokens. I went to my HE wallet to check my SPT balance...


I have 325 SPT on the balance and 367 SPT staked. However, on the Splinterlands balance record, I have just 173 SPT...

I will try to figure it out...

Anyways, in total, I invested less than $500 in that game but my account value is over $5,000 now! And I am sure that is just a start!


Splinterlands is coming to the next level! And if you still don't think that that game can bring you real money then just look at how others enjoy that game and earn!

Good luck! Have a nice day!

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