Splinterlands. An Era of a Passive Income

Good morning!

Finally, the first airdrops on Splinterlands were sent! The airdrops will be sent every day for 365 days, i.e. for a year!

I decided to share with you my balance and my thoughts. Here is a screenshot of my SPS management page! Today I received 91.03 SPS, which is equal to $54.82. Getting 50$ for doing nothing, literally, nothing isn't a bad deal...


Also, I think I should get more because there is an error with SPT tokens synchronization. I have around 700 SPTs on the Hive Engine, but on Splinterlands it shows only 173 SPTs.


I am not worried about it, I am sure the development team will fix that issue.

I plan to buy more SPS, and it is very easy to do it through Gate.io.


Also, Gate.io offers a lot of different bonuses, giveaways, events, so you can get free crypto! But the most important thing is that this platform is safe.


But if you still have concerns about investment in SPS, look at that chart. In a couple of hours the SPS price jumped from $0.007 to $0.680!!! That is about 10,000%!


Good luck! Have a nice day!

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