Infinity Mission (Made Champion in ONE day from gold+100 wavesmiths?)


Hey guys so my username is Infinitytcg and I have been active in splinterlands for just over a month. I've been playing tcg's from Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, Yugioh, and other various card games. To me this is more than just gaming, but in some ways a lifestyle.

In just this time I have decided to start a guild and since then we have already expanded to a 2nd guild so as we grow and evolve our roster we don't have to leave any members behind. If you would like to join our guild or community just let me know we are welcome to have you all.

My goal is to continually build the guild and the splinterlands community at large. One of the principles I always teach in my guild is to build win-win situations. I've been on the fence a lot about deciding whether or not to start blogging or what exactly to start on so I'd figure I'd let you guys decide. One of my promises is that at LEAST half of everything I get from these posts will always transparently go back to the community some way or another as a thank you for giving me a chance.

In my short time here I have made it to as high as champion 3 but I was not able to stay at that rank as I chose not to advance and ended up dropping back down to diamond 2 as some of my rentals began to expire. I've been thinking of creating a guide, but am fearful that by doing so it may effect the rental prices, so that is something I still have to ponder if it is a direction I want to take.


As you probably can tell I invested in wavesmiths early at around $2.50 although dec wise dec was worth less so the price so the profits I realize are probably closer to 2x+ from my original investment plus all the rental income I received from this card. I ended up selling quite a bit at 100-200 dec profit when they were 4-5$ so ended with 100+ left starting number was a little over 200. If you would like me to take a deep dive into why I chose wavesmith put let me know in comments. (NFA I would not buy wavesmith at current price and have completely stopped)

Well those are probably some of the more interesting facts about me and my little intro into splinterlands blogging I'll let you guys decide where you want this topic to go and what you guys would like me to focus on.

@failingforwards @failingforward (lol not sure which one so tagged both) @kotenoke If anyone else wants to be tagged for future post feel free to let me know here and anything I can do please don't hesitate to ask <3

As much as I really appreciate the upvotes I really rather you guys just comment your thoughts and suggestions so I can create content that is more directed to help you guys/my audience... I'm not the best when it comes to writing and displaying it in a great way, but you can read and tell i'm trying to push education vs buy dec/sps/cards here as with the cryptospace it is really hard to tell peoples true motives/intentions

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