Frost Lion - Clay Model

Hello everyone!

Im here to share a clay model I made - Frost Lion.

This was requested by @newyorkmets on my previouse clay model "Vera Salacia" where you can check here

Anyways, here I present my attemp at a frost lion clay model:

The Process:

First, I model the clay to the desired shape and add the mouth after.

Then I added the details for the eyes, nose and mouth, and the face is done!

Now here you can see the mane and the face. The mane is shaped like a sun and another layer of mane are added.

The body is shaped in this manner. Like a gorilla body!

The detail for the nails, tail and horns in the back are added.

And finally attach the head to the body

And here we have it- A Frost Lion Clay Model

Leave in the comments on what you want me to make next.

Hope you guys liked it! Thanks!

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