Time your market activities in Splinterlands for maximum gain.


As correct timing exists in any real-world market, the same also applies to Splinterlands. As its more than just a simple card game.

You can, of course, ignore everything and buy or sell whenever you want. But for maximum profit, you should time your market activities for the best gain.

Let's look at probably the main asset that you gain or spend daily - DEC. Its price is not steady and varies quite a lot, even on an hourly basis.

Just check it out on Coinmarketcap if you'd like to see it for yourself.


In just a couple of days, 1 DEC came down from ~0.01541 to ~0.01053$. While it may not seem that much at first, it impacts your activities in the market quite a lot.

Just look at this example and see for yourself.

If you were to sell a card for 50$, then this is what you'd get:

4748 DEC when DEC value is at ~0.01053$
3244 DEC when DEC value is at ~0.01541$

If you sold a card while the DEC price is high and then bought another one when the price is low, you'd lose overall.

While if you were to buy a card, it would work the same way, just the other way around.

That's why you should keep the DEC price fluctuation in mind if you were to engage in card flipping for profit.

Of course, at the time of selling, you'd have your 50$ in another form of assets. But if you sold at a high DEC price spike and the price for it would dip and stay like that for a long time, then your gained DEC would be worth way less.

To simplify it - buy your cards when the DEC price is high and sell when the DEC price drops lower.


Of course, no one can precisely predict how the market will move, but there are often indications of what will happen.

Timing your market action perfectly will increase your account value more in the long term than ignoring the price fluctuations.

If you're thinking of sticking around for a long time, then you should start getting familiar with the crypto markets.

At the same time, you should keep an eye out for the HIVE price, especially if you want to deposit the game that way. If the Hive price is rising in comparison to DEC, you'll want to think of depositing.

While for withdrawing DEC, it's the other way around. If HIVE is doing better than DEC, then you'll want to think about withdrawal.

As you see, Splinterlands is not just about card battles. You can find many aspects of the crypto market here. By mastering them, you'll gain an edge over your opponents.

It's not rocket science, but I know for sure many players are ignoring these things to some extent. And that hurts them more than they think it affects them.

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