My Splinterlands season Nr. (8)


My eighth season is over. And quite a few things happened during it.

  • Finished it in Gold II thanks to the extra 50k CP delegation
  • Obtained my second legendary chaos legion card
  • Reached nearly 900 staked SPS

This season I didn't rent that many high CP cards. Instead, I went with cards that would enhance my gameplay. And it worked better - I had more fun in my battles.

During the last few days of the season, I didn't rent out my legendary Djin Oshannus level 2. I used the extra 12.5k CP from him to get closer to the gold III league.

Plus, I had the chance to play some battles with him. And boy, it was fun with this trio:

Together with their abilities, they become a fearful force. They are fast and hit hard. Of course, magic reflect or Owster Rotwel can be an issue.

But still, this trio catapulted my ranking upward very fast.

Now, what about my assets?



With the help of Liquidity Pools, I've managed to increase my daily airdrop to 12+ SPS. And so far, I've accumulated nearly 900 SPS. A small amount for some, but I'm happy with it.

I'm also holding 200 liquid SPS, and I'm not sure yet what I'll do with it. Most likely, I'll wait a couple of days and then either sell if the HIVE price drops to ~2$ or lower or stake it if the HIVE price keeps rising.

Such an amount will not make a big difference in the extra voucher drops starting from 8th December. But in the long run, I think the SPS price will go up quite a lot.



There were some changes here as well. It didn't compete with the gold foil Djinn Oshannus that I obtained during the last season. But still, I got my second legendary.

This time it was Djinn Biljka!

When I got it, it was nothing special. The running price was ~17$. But today, we received some news that the earth splinter will get a summoner with +1 magic.

Imagine that! Soon after, the price of this legendary card started to move upwards. And at the time of writing this post, the price is already at ~23$. I expected to raise it even higher, so I did the only logical thing - I grabbed a couple more when they still were going for ~18$.

Apart from this move, I continued to buy up Chaos Legion cards. And at the end of the season, I've reached 33k CP. This brings me closer to the Silver II league without the need for expensive rentals.


Season rewards

Season rewards again were underwhelming, yet again... It's like deja vu from the last season.

I got a feeling that it could happen again, but not twice in a row. From 26 chests, I got 11 common cards, some potions, and a bit of DEC.

Oh well, just my luck. Maybe next time I'll break this unlucky spell. What are the odds of it happening three times in a row! :)

This also makes me think if I should rent the extra CP for Gold III or higher for next season's end.

Here's also the image of my seasons' rewards:


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