Join us tomorrow and win a Legendary 🚀

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Tomorrow we will have our first activity on the "GoatGang" server where everyone is invited to participate.

This community was created specifically to share our experiences in any videogame that exists, whether it is based on blockchain or not, the purpose is that the users that make life in it, tell us which are their favorite games, what they have liked the most from those games and if they want to be able to recommend them to other users.

We want this community to be the main source of search for Video Games of any kind, where users who live in it and/or are new, can get first-hand information from others, in order to play or not a certain video game.

If you are in GoatGang, share with us your most valuable experiences related to videogames and if you are not there yet, what are you waiting for to join, I assure you that you will have a lot of fun, we are growing every day, so don't wait any longer.

Community "GoatGang" Join it by clicking HERE


Participating in our activity is very easy, you just have to join the GoatGang server and be the day and time of the event, where you can enjoy a nice atmosphere and win prizes. The activity will be carried out by @nelyp and me, so don't hesitate to come and have a nice and fun time.


In this opportunity I will be giving away a legendary card that I left in vote 1 week ago but it was a tie 3/3 😂. So whoever wins in the activity, chooses which card to keep, be attentive everyone and do not forget to be in our activity to win some of these cards.

The letters are:

|Zalran Efreet.png Gloridax Magus.png

Winning is very easy, whoever answers the most questions about Splinterlands will be the winner!

See you tomorrow.

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