Digital drawing of Witch Of Warwich/Splinterlands art contest

witch of warwich7.png

Happy Sunday to you all my splinterland friend, it's another wonderful day to explore another splinterland character. And today the character I would be talking about the Splinterland character named Witch Of Warwich. This character actually remains me of the mermaid in pirates of the carabians, or the sirens i usually see in movies that can enchanting a person with there voice, like putting a spell on that person to control them.

I started with a rough sketch which was the main creation of the new character i intend on creating. The shading as i allows say started from the left to the right. The shading was one of the most interesting part of the drawing.

The reference i had was that of Witch Of Warwich

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Exploring these characters has really taught me alot about these various character. I'm really glad to be part of the contest, thank you so much for checking out feel free to drop your comments. See you next week.


witch of warwich.png

witch of warwich1.png

witch of warwich2.png

witch of warwich4.png

1694928787635_witch of warwich5.png

witch of warwich6.png

witch of warwich7.png

Thank you for stopping by to read my post i would really appreciate a comment if you feel like it. See you next time.

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