In this season it is Diamond-II for me.

Hi friends!


I could not play much during this season but, I tried to reach at least to the level which I had previously achieved. I found it hard to battle as my opponent had better cards and they also had better strategy than I had. I feel myself lucky that despite of all these odds I could survive and win some exciting battles which not only gave me rewards in the form of DEC but, also helped me to complete daily quests and rise on the leader-board. In the previous season I was in the Silver-II league and this time I again repeat my old performance. But, I want to do more. Now I have some better Azmare dice summoners which are really looks better and I could reach to this level because of them.

I myself purchased one Dice pack at 3000 DEC and also my friend helped me to purchase some new Azmare dice summoners. It helped me a lot and I won some exciting battles with those summoners. However, I could not use the Azmare Dice monsters so far. Perhaps, they might be helpful if they are leveled up but, I don't have leveled up summoners. So, there is no use for me to level up my cards.

Love from @erica005

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