SPS Staking Provides Another Stream of Passive Income

Getting in early is always a way to boost your earns or at least gives you a better chance of striking it rich. So when I saw that @Splinterlands was offering staking on their SPS token I knew I'd be taking part.

What is SPS?
Per the website SPS is the official governance token of the highly popular game Splinterlands. The token empowers players to participate in the evolution of the game.

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How To Earn Airdrop Points For SPS Token
It's pretty simple holding any of the Splinterlands assets gives you access to their airdrops or you could buy them from the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

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Currently, I'm sitting at around 344,30 points, but as I complete quest and earn DEC my stake increases. Not only that the staking feature is live and it's yieldingover 400% which is lightyears ahead of any bank!

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This yield will drop as more people stake so now is a good time to collect and compound your SPS tokens.

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