Splinterlands Don't Miss This Opportunity

Splinterlands have exploded over the last month. The number of post and players is growing faster than I imagined. The game have been around for a few years and I'm pretty fortunate to have gotten in pretty early (end of alpha and start of beta). With the introduction of SPS, land and the expansion to other blockchains you should not miss out on the opportunity to invest in this game. Play to earn is so new and the @splinterlands team is doing it right.

Screen Shot 2021-08-21 at 9.55.21 AM.png

There's so many was to change your financial future with this game. Just look at the 1 year SPS airdrop and its ability to provide an insane return!

In 25 days Ive earned $770 dollars and have staked it at 205% apr. Go to your local bank and ask for that return and you'll be laughed out the building.
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The there's the appreciation in the cards. I never imagined that my cards would be worth $21K. I don't plan on selling my collection because the passive and basic income my collection can earn is even greater.

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My collection is pretty decent so I can earn a fair amount of DEC from playing. I complete my daily quest and try to ear around 1000 DEC a day from playing. So that about $7/day or $2,555/year at the current price with out counting the value earned from quests. My last two quest I have earn over $20/quest.

I'm also taking advantage of the rental market and earning several DEC a day without lifting a finger.

Screen Shot 2021-08-21 at 10.05.47 AM.png

I did not get to buy that much land so I only have one plot and a single totem, but I can imagine the possibilities to create passive income will be bountiful. I am still lucky enough to have a few packs which I listed for an absurd price hoping to get lucky as the amount of unopened packs is extremely limited.

It would be life changing if someone would buy my packs listed at 75,000 and 1 million hive. I would take enough out to cover my debts and reinvest in the hive/leo/splinterlands community. If those packs sold I would have enough to quite my 9-5 job and work on crypto projects full time.

Screen Shot 2021-08-21 at 10.09.41 AM.png

So what I'm saying if you have a million hive laying around I's be more than willing to take it off your hands!

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