Sign Up For The Splinterlands Freshman Tournament!

Hi everyone! This is a special Novice League Tournament I created and sponsored myself for brand new players (Freshmans) only. It will require a password for entry! It is for new players to the game only. A new player is someone who has been playing for a few months or less.

Someone who only has one account, no alt accounts allowed or bots. You will need to go to your in-game profile and take a screenshot of your profile which shows the month and year of when you started playing. This will be a live tournament so you have to check-in 15 minutes before start time or be eliminated when the tourney starts. You need to stay there to battle. You can join us all on the live stream. View the tournament HERE

Below is an example of my profile. You can drop the screenshot in the comments below with your Discord name or another place I can give you the password. You can message me on Discord as well(@clove71#5266). You will then be given the password, do not hand out the password to others, if you do then you will be eliminated.

2021-02-24 (3).png

I will be live streaming this on If you are new to the THETA Blockchain please use my link to join HERE and others who have already been on can find me streaming it live on my channel at clove71 HERE

Hopefully, this will work out great for new players to the game, a fun tournament just for freshman players only! Make sure to join me live on for the giveaways in the chat! You can earn crypto just by watching the stream. TFuel is the token for and is at .09 today! You can also get crates to open and other gifts from streamers, we usually raid another channel at the end, and the first few people to say hi and follow them will get a prize too! We will have a lot of fun, see you all there! ~@clove71

************Immortal Gods Guild I has an opening for a Diamond/Champion League Player with a Land Plot gift to the player selected! Request at the Guild- you will see us in the #1 spot on the Leaderboard! Immortal Gods IV also has a few openings for players with a 2K average rating and up! You can work your way up over time if you are a great player! I will be leveling up that Guild soon! Request to join the Guild today!**************************

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I wish you luck in your battles and daily quest loot chests!

I will see you all on the battlefield!

May the Monsters be with you.

Chris Love @clove71
Splinterlands Rep