Resurrecting A Martyr For Twice The Effect

There have been a lot of new abilities and cards that have been released on Splinterlands. This makes the game fun by requiring players to come up with new strategies to beat their opponents.

One new ability that I've been playing around with is the Martyr ability. When a monster with the Martyr ability dies, it boosts the stats of adjacent units by 1. What happens if you resurrect a Martyr? Does it boost the adjacent units one more time? Watch this battle to find out:

The Battle At The Start

The rule-set for this battle gave all monsters the Explosion ability. Perfect time to test out this Martyr strategy. I had my Martyr - Venari Markscrat in between my power cards at the front - The Kraken and Djinn Oshannus. River Hellondale has the ability to resurrect.

With the Kraken's taunt ability, I was expecting the Markscrat to die first because of the explosion damage and the River Hellondale to resurrect it. That's exactly how it played out.

These are the stats on the Kraken and Djinn Oshannus after the Markscrat died for the first time and got resurrected. Kraken's attack was at 5 and Djinn Oshannus had 4 magic attack.

The Power of a Double-Martyr

Being resurrected with only 1 health, Markscrat didn't last long and soon died because of Explosion again. Take a look at the power of Kraken and Djinn Oshannus now. Kraken now had 6 melee attack and 5 speed while Djinn Oshannus had 5 magic attack and 6 speed. What an improvement compared to how they started.

As you'd expect, my opponent didn't last long and the battle was over in 4 rounds. Would have been quicker if not for my opponent's void ability cards but even they were easily dealt with. You can watch the full battle here:

Hope you enjoyed this strategy and if you aren't already playing Splinterlands, do check it out here: The possibilities are endless.

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